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More and more players decide to stay safe and they don't download any RuneScape utilities being afraid of hidden keyloggers, password sniffers, viruses, trojans, worms (the list can be easily continued over next several lines.) Although I assure you RSDemon is safe and has never contained any so called unwanted ware (I like this term..., ) I fully understand you. I also prefer to be safe than sorry. My answer to the problem is


Todays technologies allow for more and more interactive online content and implementing RSDemon as a dynamic Web Site will be both educating for me and a safe solution for you. I'm starting with obvious RuneScape guides and quests and several most popular RSDemon toolkit modules like the RuneScape skills, RuneScape Equipment or RuneScape Combat calculators. I will expand RSDemon Online to offer more functionality of the desktop version of RSDemon if only you, users, signal you like the solution.

Signum temporis...

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