RuneScape Guides


Average RuneScape street prices

Last update: Aug 4, 2006
By Noby, Jonathan Wynn, Avador, and RSDemon Team


  • The most up to date version of the prices can always been found on RSDemon Online. The ones in RSDemon toolkit *can* be outdated. Always look at the update date.
  • Street prices in RuneScape vary greatly and for many items there is no set figure. This list is based on the most common prices and is to give you a general idea only. Don't forget: prices may be outdated!
  • New: Items With a Star ( * ) are Members Items
  • We will be adding pictures of the F2P armor soon.


Armors and weapons (top)

Steel Armors (top)

Medium Helm: 150
Square Shield: 300
Large Helm: 300
Chain Mail: 400
Kite Shield: 500
Legs/Skirt: 500 to 600
Plate Mail: 1k to 2.5k

Steel Weapons (top)

Dagger: 70
Short Sword: 150
Long Sword: 300
Two Handed: 1k to 1.5k
Battleaxe: 600
Warhammer: 120
Mace: 120
Scimitar: 250
Battle Axe: 300
Spear: 600
Javelin: 31gp
Halberd: 1k
Claws: 500

Black Armors (top)

Medium Helmet: 500 to 2k
Square Shield: 1k
Large Helmet: 1.5k to 2k
Chain Mail: 1k to 1.5k
Kite Shield: 2k to 3k
Legs/Skirt: 1,800 to 2k
Plate Mail: 3k to 3,800

Black Weapons (top)

Dagger: 130
Sword: 1k
Long sword: 500
Warhammer: 2k
Mace: 3k
Scimitar: 3k to 5k
Battle Axe: 800
Two Handed Sword: 3k
Halberd: 4k to 6k
Claws: 20k

Mithril Armors (top)

Medium Helmet: 450
Square Shield: 1k
Large Helmet: 1k
Chain Mail: 1k to 2k
Kite Shield: 2k to 3k
Legs/Skirt: 2.5k to 3k
Plate Mail: 4k to 5k

Mithril Weapons (top)

Dagger: 500
Sword: 650
Long Sword: 1.5k
Warhammer: 3k
Mace: 700
Scimitar: 1.5k
Battle Axe: 1k to 1.5k
Two Handed Sword: 2.5k to 3,500
Spear: 1k to 1.5k
Javelin: 83gp
Halberd: 4k to 9k
Claws: 5k

Adamantite Armors (top)

Medium Helmet: 1k to 2k
Square Shield: 4,500 to 5k
Large Helmet: 2.5k to 3.5k
Chain Mail: 4k to 6k
Kite Shield: 6k to 8k
Legs/Skirt: 8k to 10k
Plate Mail: 9k to 13k

Adamantite Weapons (top)

Dagger: 800
Sword: 2k
Long Sword: 3k to 4.5k
Warhammer: 5.4k
Mace: 2k
Scimitar: 4k to 5k
Battle Axe: 2k to 3.5k
Two Handed Sword: 5k to 8k
Spear: 2k to 4k
Javelin: 210gp
Halberd: 8k to 20k
Claws: 10k

Runite Armors (top)

Medium Helmet: 8k to11k
Square Shield: 25k to 30k
Large Helmet: 25k to 30k
Chain Mail: 35k to 45k
Kite Shield: 45k to 55k
Legs/Skirt: 55k to 60k
Plate Mail: 55k to 65k

Runite Weapons (top)

Dagger: 4k to 6k
Sword: 7.5k to 12k
Long Sword: 15k to 25k
Warhammer: 30k to 40k
Mace: 6k to 10k
Scimitar: 24k to 30k
Battle Axe: 40k to 50k
Two Handed Sword: 50k to 60k
Spear: 15k to 20k
Javelin: 520
Halberd: 80k to 100k
Claws: 25k-35k

Dragonite Armors (top)

Dragon Medium Helmet:400k-500k
Dragon Chain Mail: 15.6 to 60.0 million
Dragon Platelegs: 2.3 to 2.6 million
Dragon Plateskirt: 650k to 700k
Dragon shield (right): store: 750k street: 660k to 750k
Dragon shield (left): 550k to 600k
Dragon shield (full): 1.3 million to 1.4 million

*Dragonite Weapons (top)

Dragon Battle Axe: store: 200k street: 150k to 200k
Dragon Long Sword: store: 100k street: 90k to 100k
Dragon Scimitar: store: 100k street: 90k to 120k
Dragon Dagger: 35k to 40k
Dragon Dagger (p): 35 to 40k
Dragon Dagger (p+): 50k to 60k
Dragon Dagger (p++): 55k to 65k
Dragon Mace: 35k to 40k
Dragon Spear: 120k to 150k
Dragon Spear (p): 170k to 200k
Dragon Spear (p+): 180k to 210k
Dragon Spear (p++): 1290k to 220k
Dragon Halberd: 250k to 320k

Obsidian (top)

Obsidian Cape: 260k to 300k
Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian shield): 320k to 350k
Toktz-mej-tal (Obsidian staff): 150k to 200k
Toktz-xil-ak (Obsidian sword): 70k to 90k
Toktz-xil-ek (Obsidian knife): 18k to 25k
Toktz-xil-ul (Obsidian rings): 1k to 3k
Tzhaar-ket-em (Obsidian mace): 45k to 70k
Tzhaar-ket-om (Obsidian maul): 80k to 110k

* Misc Weapons (top)

Abyssal Whip: 2.9 million to 3.2 million
Elemental Shield: 500
Crystal Bow: 900k (not tradable)
Crystal Shield: 750k (not tradable)
Crystal seed: 50k

*Armored Boots (top)

Bronze boots: 600 to 1k
Iron boots: 1k
Steel boots: 2k to 2.5k
Black boots: 3k to 6k
Mithril boots: 5k to 8k
Adamant boots: 10k to 15k
Rune boots: 170k to 200k

*Bone Items (top)

Bone Spear: 3k to 7k
Bone Club: 1k to 5k
Bone Mining Helmet: 4k to 8k

* Barrows Equipment  (top)

Ahrim the Blighted

Ahrim's Hood: 200k to 300k
Ahrim's Robetop: 650k to 700k
Ahrim's Robeskirt: 650k to 700k
Full Armors: 1.6 to 1.8million
Ahrim's Staff: 90k to 120k
Full Set: 1.7 to 2million

Dharok the Wretched

Dharok's Helm: 750k to 800k
Dharok's Platebody: 900k to 1million
Dharok's Platelegs: 700k to 750k
Full Armors: 2.4 to 2.7million
Dharok's Greataxe: 1.2 to 1.4million
Full Set: 3.6 to 3.7million

Guthan the Infested

Guthan's Helm: 1.8 to 2million
Guthan's Platebody: 750k to 850k
Guthan's Chainskirt: 650k to 750k
Full Armors: 3.2 to 3.5million
Guthan's Warspear: 4.5 to 4.7million
Full Set: 8.2 to 8.3million

Karil the Tainted

Karil's Coif: 100k to 140k
Karil's Leathertop: 190k to 220k
Karil's Skirt: 150k to 210k
Full Armors: 360k to 500k
Karil's Crossbow: 450k to 550k
Full Set: 730k to 850k
Bolt Racks: 300-400 ea

Torag the Corrupted

Torag's Helm: 225k to 275k
Torag's Platebody: 850k to 900k
Torag's Platelegs: 400k to 500k
Full Armors: 1.7 to 1.9million
Torag's Hammers: 90k to 150k
Full Set: 1.9 to 2million

Verac the Defiled

Verac's Helm: 2 to 2.1 million
Verac's Brassard: 1.5 to 1.6million
Verac's Plateskirt: 325k to 375k
Full Armors: 3.7 to 4.2million
Verac's Flail: 600k to 660k
Full Set: 4.4 to 4.7million

Repair Cost:

Weapon: 100k
Body: 90k
Legs: 80k
Head: 60k

Granite Equipment (top)

Granite platelegs: 80k to 110k
Granite shield: 80k to 100k
Granite maul: 70k to 90k go

Treasure Trail Items

Trim Armor (top)

Trim Black Large: 25k to 35k
Trim Black Plate: 50k to 60k
Trim Black Legs: 30k to 40k
Trim Black Skirt: 30k to 35k
Trim Black Kite: 30k to 40k
Set: 140k to 180k

Trim Adamant Large: 30k to 40k 
Trim Adamant Plate: 70k to 80k
Trim Adamant Legs: 50k to 55k
Trim Adamant Skirt: 35k to 50k
Trim Adamant Kite: 50k to 60k
Set: 220k to 280k

Trim Rune Large: 200k to 220k
Trim Rune Plate: 450k to 500k
Trim Rune Legs: 370k to 400k
Trim Rune Skirt: 350k to 380k
Trim Rune Kite: 350k to 380k
Set: 1.4 to 1.7million

Gold Armor (top)

Gold Black Large: 50k to 55k
Gold Black Plate: 75k to 90k
Gold Black Legs: 60k to 75k
Gold Black Skirt: 50k to 60k
Gold Black Kite: 55k to 65k
Set: 250k to 300k

Gold Adamant Large: 70k to 75k
Gold Adamant Plate: 110k to 120k
Gold Adamant Legs: 60k to 90k
Gold Adamant Skirt: 50k to 80k
Gold Adamant Kite: 90k to 100k
Set: 360k to 480k

Gold Rune Large: 290k to 350k
Gold Rune Plate: 500k to 550k
Gold Rune Legs: 450k to 500k
Gold Rune Skirt: 430k to 480k
Gold Rune Kite: 400k to 500k
Set: 1.5 to 1.9million

Zamorak God Armor (top)

Zamorak Rune Large: 250k to 350k
Zamorak Rune Plate: 1.1 to 1.3million
Zamorak Rune Legs: 500k to 700k
Zamorak Rune Skirt: 400k to 600k
Zamorak Rune Kite: 800k to 1.0million
Set: 2.6 to 3.0million

Saradomin God Armor (top)

Saradomin Rune Large: 450k to 500k
Saradomin Rune Plate: 1.1 to 1.3 million
Saradomin Rune Legs: 700k to 800k
Saradomin Rune Skirt: 500k to 600k
Saradomin Rune Kite: 800k to 950k
Set: 3.0 to 3.5million

Guthix God Armor (top)

Guthix Rune Large: 400k to 550k
Guthix Rune Plate: 500k to 650k
Guthix Rune Legs: 450k to 650k
Guthix Rune Skirt: 300k to 400k
Guthix Rune Kite: 350k to 450k
Set: 1.1 to 2.0 million

* Gilded Armor (top)

Gilded Large: 500k to 800k
Gilded Plate: 1.2 to 1.5million
Gilded Legs: 850k to 1.0million
Gilded Skirt: 750k to 1.0million
Gilded Kite: 900k to 1.1million
Set: 3.5 to 4.5million

* Headwear (top)

Blue Beret: 50k to 80k
Black Beret: 65k to 85k
White Beret: 90k to 115k
Black Headband: 20k to 35k
Brown Headband: 20k to 35k
Red Headband: 25k to 45k
Tan Cavalier: 200k to 250k
Brown Cavalier: 180k to 250k
Black Cavalier: 800k to 950k
Pirate Hat: 110k to 160k
Highwayman Mask: 40k to 55k
Robin Hood Hat: 1.5 to 1.8million

* Boots (top)

Ranger Boots: 500k to 600k
Wizard's Boots: 90k to 120k

* Torn Pages (top)

Guthix: 60k to 100k
Saradomin: 65k to 100k
Zamorak: 115k to 150k

Mining and Smithing (top)

Ores (top)

Clay: 5
Tin: 10 to 20
Copper: 10 to 20
Iron: 75 to 150
Coal: 150 to 200
Silver: 200 to 400
Gold: 200 to 250
Mithril: 300 to 500
Adamantite: 800 to 1k
Runite: 10k to 12k

Bars (top)

Bronze: 20 to 50
Iron: 150 to 200
Steel: 500 to 900
Silver: 150 to 300
Gold: 200 to 250
Mithril: 950 to 1,100
Adamantite: 1.5k to  2.5k
Runite: 13k to 15k

Pickaxes (top)

Bronze: 5 to 50
Iron: 100 to 120
Steel: 250 to 350
Mithril: 1,200
Adamantite: 2k to 3.5k
Runite: 25k to 35k

Fishing (top)

Fish (raw or cooked) (top)

Name Raw Cooked
Shrimp 10 25
* Karambwanji 15 30
Anchovy 15 35
Sardine 20 40
Herring 20 40
* Mackerel 35 55
Cod 35 55
Trout 50 80
Pike 50 80
* Slimy Eel 50 85
Salmon 60 120
* Giant Frog Spawn 70 150
Tuna 80 110
* Cave Eel 50 75
Lobster 150-200 200-250
* Bass 200 275
Swordfish 200 300
* Lava Eal 225 350
* Monkfish 275 450
* Karambwan 300 450
* Shark 700-1k 1k
* Sea Turtles 4k 8k
* Manta Rays 5k 10k

*Misc (top)

Casket: 300 to 5k
Oyster: 50 to 100

Holiday Drops (top)

Party Hats (top) (prices still rising!)

Blue Party Hats : 430 to 470 million
White Party Hats: 285 million to 300 million
Red Party Hats: 213 million to 218 million
Green Party Hats: 172 to 176 million
Yellow Party Hats: 180 million to 185 million
Purple Party Hats: 155 to 175 million 

Halloween (top) (prices still rising!)

Red haloween mask: 48 million to 51 million
Blue haloween mask: 33 million to 35 million
Green haloween mask: 24 million to 26  million
Pumpkins: 14 to 15 million
Scythe: 0 (cannot be traded and you can pick up only one) 

Christmas (top)

Santa Hat: 24. 23 million to 25 million
Christmas Crackers: 875 million to 1 billion
Yo-Yo: 0 (cannot be traded and you can pick up only one)

Easter (top)

Easter Egg: 13 to 16 million
Easter Bunny Ears: 0 (cannot be traded and you can pick up only one) 
Easter Rubber Chiken: 0 (cannot be traded and you can pick up only one) 

Crafting (top)

Gems (Uncut) (top)

Sapphire: 300 to 500
Emerald: 500 to 1k
Ruby: 2k to 3k
Diamond: 1k to 8k
* Dragonstone: 90k to 100k
* Opal: 100 to 300
* Jade: 200 to 300
* Red Topaz: 300 to 500

Gems (Cut) (top)

Sapphire: 500 to 700
Emerald: 1k to 1.3k
Ruby: 2.5k to 4k
Diamond: 5k to 8k
* Dragonstone: 90k to 105k
* Opal: 100 to 400
* Jade: 200 to 400
* Red Topaz: 400 to 700

Amulets (top)

Sapphire: 500 to 1k
Emerald: 1k to 2k
Ruby: 3k to 5k
Diamond: 5k to 10k
* Dragonstone (Glory): 85k to 110k

Necklaces (top)

Gold: 250
Sapphire: 500 to 1k
Emerald: 800 to 1,400
Ruby: 2k to 3k
Diamond: 4k to 6k
* Dragonstone: 70k to 80k

Rings (top)

Gold: 250
Sapphire: 500 to 2k
Emerald: 800 to 1.5k
Ruby: 2.5k to 4k
Diamond: 6k to 10k
* Dragonstone (Wealth): 85k to 100k

Hides/leather (top)

Body: 10
Hardleather Body: 68gp
Gloves: 3
Boots: 5
Vambraces: 10
Chaps: 15
Cowl: 10
Coif: 25
Studded Body: 600 to 800
Studded Chaps: 500
Cow Hide/Leather: 75 to 150
Green Dragon Hide/Leather: 1k to 1.5k
* Blue Dragon Hide/Leather: 1,800 to 2.5k
* Red Dragon Hide/Leather: 4k to 8k
* Black Dragon Hide/Leather: 3k to 4k

Silver (top)

* Blessed Symbol of Saradomin: 300
Unblessed Symbol of Saradomin: 50 to 150
* Blessed Symbol of Zamorak: 300
Unblessed Symbol of Zamorak: 50 to 150
Tiara: 100

 *Farming (top)

Farming Equipment (top)

Rake: 6gp
Seed dibber: 6gp
Secateurs: 5
Spade: 3gp
Gardening trowel: 12gp
Watering can: 8gp
Plant pot: 1gp
Compost: 21gp
Empty sack: 1gp
Basket: 1gp
Plant cure: 40
Farmer boots: 500
Amulet of Nature: 50k

Seeds (top)

Allotment seeds (top)

Potato Seed: 5 to 10
Onion Seed: 5 to 10
Cabbage Seed: 10 to 20
Tomato Seed: 150 to 200
Sweetcorn Seed: 300 to 500
Strawberry Seed: 700 to 1.4k
Watermelon Seed: 2k to 3k

Flower seeds (top)

Marigold Seed: 10 to 20
Rosemary Seed: 30 to 40
Nasturtium Seed: 200 to 300
Woad Leaf Seed: 200 to 400
Limpwurt Seed: 1k to 1.5k

Hops seeds (top)

Barley Seed: 10 to 30
Hammerstone Seed: 20 to 40
Asgarnian Seed: 20 to 50
Jute Seed: 30 to 60
Yanillian Seed: 80 to 120
Krandorian Seed: 150 to 220
Wildblood Seed: 1.5k to 2k

Bush seeds (top)

Redberry Seed: 10 to 20
Cadavaberry Seed: 20 to 30
Dwellberry Seed: 40 top 50
Jangerberry Seed: 700 to 800
White berry Seed: 3k to 5k
Poison Ivy Seed: 3k to 6k

Herb seeds (top)

Guam Seed: 500 to 800
Marrentil Seed: 500 to 1k
Tarromin Seed: 800 to 1.1k
Harralander Seed: 1.5k to 2k
Ranarr Weed Seed: 15k to 18k
Toadflax Seed: 3k to 4k
Irit leaf Seed: 7k to 8k
Avantoe Seed: 6k to 7k
Kwuarm Seed: 10k to 11k
Snapdragon Seed: 12k to 14k
Cadantine Seed: 13k to 15k
Landatyme Seed: 20k to 22k
Dwarf Weed Seed: 20k to 22k
Torstol Seed: 20k to 22k

Tree seeds (top)

Acorn Seed: 3k to 8k
Willow Seed: 15k to 20k
Maple Seed: 30k to 45k
Yew Seed: 70k to 100k
Magic Seed: 130k to 180k

Fruit Tree seeds (top)

Apple Tree Seed: 5k to 10k
Banana Tree Seed: 8k to 15k
Orange Tree Seed: 10k to 18k
Curry Tree Seed: 15k to 20k
Pineapple Tree Seed: 35k to 45k
Papaya Tree Seed: 45k to 55k
Palm Tree Seed: 80k to 95k

Special seeds (top)

Mushroom Spore: 2k to 3k
Cactus Seed: 2k to 3k
Belladonna Seed: 2k to 4k
Calquat Tree Seed: 45k to 60k
Spirit Tree Seed: not tradable

Beers (top)

Cider: 800
Dwarven Stout: 10
Asgarnian Ale: 10
Greenman's Ale: 10
Wizard's Mind Bomb: 10
Dragon Bitter: 5
Moonlight Mead: 1k
Axeman's Folly: 5k
Chef's Delight: 800
Slayer's Respite: 800
Calquat Keg: 5k

Mature Cider: 1k
Mature Dwarven Stout: 200
Mature Asgarnian Ale: 150
Mature Greenman's Ale: 900
Mature Wizard's Mind Bomb: 800
Mature Dragon Bitter: 600
Mature Moonlight Mead: 1.5k
Mature Axeman's Folly: 8k
Mature Chef's Delight: 1k
Mature Slayer's Respite: 1k

Runecrafting (top)

Talismans (top)

Air: 50
Water: 50
Earth: 50
Fire: 50
Mind: 100
Body: 500
* Cosmic: 1k to 10k
* Chaos: 2k to 10k
* Nature: 5k to 20k
* Law: not tradable
* Death: 50k to 100k

Tiaras (top)

Air: 500
Water: 500
Earth: 500
Fire: 500
Mind: 600
Body: 700
* Cosmic: 1k to 10k
* Chaos: 2k to 10k
* Nature: 5k to 20k
* Law: not tradable
* Death: 55k to 105k

Misc (top)

Rune Essence: 30 to 50
Pure Essence: 50 to 75
* Small Pouch: not tradable
* Medium Pouch: not tradable
* Large Pouch: not tradable
* Giant Pouch: not tradable

*Fletching (top)

Flax: 50 to 100
Bow strings: 100 to 170
Feathers: 5 to 15
Arrow shafts: 5 - 10

Magic (top)

Basic runes (top)

The price of runes highly depends to the amount.

Air: 10 to 24
Water: 10 to 22
Earth: 15 to 30
Fire: 15 to 25
Mind: 17 to 30
Body: 5 to 15

Other runes (top)

Law Rune: 300 to 400, 500 to 1k when selling just 1
Chaos Rune: 150 to 200
Death Rune: 200 to 400
Nature Rune: 250 to 300
Blood Rune: 500 to 1k
Cosmic Rune: 75 to 150
Soul Rune: 65 to 90

Staffs (top)

Staff: 14gp
Fire: 850 to 1k
Water: 850 to 1k
Air: 850 to 1k
Earth: 850 to 1k
* Saradomin Staff: 80k (not tradable)
* Guthix Staff: 80k
* Zamorak Staff: 80k
* Iban Staff: not tradable
* Ancient Staff: 80k

*Battle Staffs (top)

Battlestaff: 7k to 9k
Unenchanted Battle Staff: 7k to 10k
Enchanted (Mystic) Battle Staff: 40k to 50k
Saradomin God staff: 80k
Guthix God staff: 80k
Zamorak God Staff: 80k
Lava Battle Staff: 60k to 80k
Enchanted (Mystic) Lava Staff: 90k to 110k

*SplitBark Armors (top)

Fine Cloth: 10k to 15k
Splitbark Helmet: 40k to 55k
SplitBark Body: 90k to 110k
SplitBark Legs: 65k to 90k
SplitBark Gauntlets: 25k to 35k
SplitBark Greaves: 30k to 35k
Full Set: 210k to 250k

*Robes (top)

Zamorak Robe Top: 2k
Zamorak Robe Bottom: 2k

Gold Wizard Skirt: 90k to 130k
Gold Wizard Robe: 200k to 250k
Gold Wizard Hat: 120k to 140k
Gold Wizard Set: 550k to 640k

*Mystic Robes (top)

Blue mystic boots: 10k
Blue mystic gloves: 10k
Blue mystic robe bottom: 80k
Blue mystic robe top: 120k
Blue mystic hat: 15k
Blue Mystic set: 180k to 210k

Gold/white mystic boots: 30k to 55k
Gold/white mystic gloves: 30k
Gold/white mystic robe bottom: 180k to 220k
Gold/white mystic robe top: 220k to 300k
Gold/white mystic hat: 35k to 60k
Gold/white Mystic set: 850k to 900k

Black/Red mystic boots: 30k to 50k
Black/Red mystic gloves: 30k
Black/Red mystic robe bottom: 350k to 420k
Black/Red mystic robe top: 280k to 350k
Black/Red mystic hat: 50k to 65k
Black/Red mystic set: 700k to 820k

* Mage Training Arena (top)

Beginner Wand: 30k
Apprentice Wand: 100 to 130k
Teacher Wand: 900k to 1.1 million
Master Wand: 2.8 to 3.0 million
Infinity Top: 3.0 to 3.3 million
Infinity Hat: 1.8 to 2.3 million
Infinity Boots: 750 to 850k
Infinity Gloves: 1.0 to 1.1 million
Infinity Bottoms: 4.2 to 4.5 million
The Mage's Book: 3.5 to 4.0 million

Archery (top)

Green Dragon Hide Armor (top)

Full set: 12k to 16.5k
Body: 9k
Chaps: 5k
Vambraces: 2.5k

*Blue Dragon Hide Armor (top)

Full set: 15k to 20k
Body: 10k
Chaps: 5k
Vambraces: 3k

*Red Dragon Hide Armor (top)

Full set: 37k to 42k
Body: 18k to 22k
Chaps: 12k to 17k
Vambraces: 7k

*Black Dragon Hide Armor (top)

Full set: 45k to 55k
Body: 20k to 25k
Chaps: 12k to 17k
Vambraces: 7k to 10k

Arrows (top)

The price of arrows and bolts highly depends to the amount.

*Arrow shafts: 5 to 10
Bronze: 10 to 17
Iron: 20 to 30
Steel: 30 to 40
Mithril: 50 to 70
Adamantite: 100 to 160
Runite: 350 to 500 (can go higher if poisoned)
Bolts: 5 to 15
*Pearl-tipped Bolts: 150 to 200
*Opal-tipped Bolts: 150 to 200
*Barbed Bolts: 150 to 200

Bows (top)

Pheonix Crossbow:50 to 100
Maple Shortbows: 100 to 150
Maple Longbows: 150 to 200
* Yew Shortbows: 400 to 800
* Yew Longbows: 500 to 1k
* Magic Shortbows: 2k to 5k
* Magic Longbows: 2k to 4k

Nails (top)

Bronze: 2gp
Iron:200 to 300
Steel: 500 to 800
Black: 40 to 50
Mithril: 50 to 60
Adamantite: 80 to 140
Runite: 220 to 320

* Brutal (top)

Bronze: 5
Iron: 10
Steel: 20
Black: 35
Mithril: 50
Adamant: 95
Rune: 450
Comp Ogre Bow: 250
Ogre Coffin Key: 100

* Throwing Knives (top)

Bronze: 10
Iron: 60
Steel: 90
Black: 130
Mith: 200
Adamant: 300
Rune: 450

* Throwing Darts (top)

Bronze: 5
Iron: 15
Steel: 55
Black: 80
Mith: 100
Adamant: 200
Rune: 450 to 480

* Throwing Axes (top)

Bronze throwing axe: 3gp
Iron throwing axe: 9gp
Steel throwing axe: 33gp
Mithril throwing axe: 91gp
Adamant throwing axe: 228gp
Rune throwing axe: 500 to 580

* Cannon (top)

Canonballs:150 to 200 ea
Parts: store: 200k each, street: 150k to 200k each
Full set:  store: 800k, street: 550k to 600k

 *Herblore (top)

Potions (top)

Attack: 100
Strength Potion: 400 to 600
Defense: 1k to 2k
Basic Set (att +def + str): 3k to 3,500
Anti-Poison: 100 to 200
Super Anti- Poison: 2k
Stat Restore: 500 to 800
Super Stat Restore: 2k
Fishing Potion: 1k to 2k
Weapon Poison: 4k to 8k
Ranged Potion: 5k to 6k
Super Attack Potion: 1k to 2k
Super Strength Potion: 3k to 5k
Super Defense Potion: 3k to 4k
Super Set (super att +super def + super str): 7k to 10k
Prayer Restore Potion: 4,500 to 5k
Super Energy Potion: 2k to 4k
Anti-Firebreath Potion: 4k to 5k
Magic Potion: 4k to 6k
Zamorak Potion: 5k to 8k

Herbs (top)

Guam Leaf: 150 to 300
Marrentil: 100 to 300
Tarromin: 400 to 800
Harralander: 600 to 1k
Ranarr Weed: 3.5k to 5k
Irit leaf: 1.5k to 2k
Avantoe: 2k to 2.5k
Kwuarm: 2k to 3,500
Lantadyne: 3k to 4,500
Cadantine: 3k to 5k
Dwarf Weed: 1k to 3k
Torstol: 4k to 6k
Unidentified Herbs: 1k

2nd ingredients (top)

Eye of Newt: 5 to 10
Unicorn Horn: 200 to 400
Limpwurt Root: 300 to 1k
Chocolate Bar/Dust: 100 to 200
Red Spider Eggs: 200 to 600
Mort Myre Fungi: 200 to 300
White Berries: 500 to 1k
Snape Grass: 200 to 500
Toad's Legs: 30
Blue Dragon Scale: 100 to 300
Wine Of Zamorak: 1k to 3k
Potato Cactus: 1k to 1.5k
Janger Berries: 200 to 300

Woodcutting (top)

Logs (top)

Regular: 20 to 30
Oak: 30 to 50
Willow: 20 to 75
* Maple: 100 to 500
Yew: 200 to 300
* Magic: 800k to 1.3k
* Achey: 20 to 50
* Teak:  1 to 1.5k

Planks (top)

Oak Planks: 245 to 300
Regular Plank: 95 to 200

Hatchets (top)

Bronze: 10
Iron: 30
Steel: 100 to 200
Black: 500 to 900
Mithril: 800 to 1k
Adamantite: 4k
Runite: 20k to 25k

Food (top)

Cakes: 50 to 150
Chocolate Cakes: 150 to 250
Bread: 20
* Thin Snail: 50
* Lean Snail: 70
* Fat Snail: 80
* Monkey Nuts: 3gp
* Monkey Bar: 50
* Oomli Wrap: 200 to 500
* Ugthanki Kebabs: 500 to 1.5k
Pizzas: 80 to 100
Meat Pizza: 120 to 150
Anchovy Pizza: 150 to 250
* Pineapple Pizza: 600
Spinach Roll: 10 to 200
Kebab: 1gp
Meat: 5
* Curry: 200
Redberry Pie: 50
Meat Pie: 100
Apple Pie: 150
Stew: 80
* Banana Stew: 300
Wine: 100

Prayer (top)

Bones (top)

Bones: 10
* Burnt Bones: 10
* Monkey Bones: 10
* Wolf Bones:20
* Bat Bones: 20
Big/Jogre Bones: 300 to 400 (depends heavily to amount)
* Baby Dragon Bones: 600 to 950
* Dragon Bones: 2k to 2.5k
* Zogre bones: 300 to 600
* Raurg bones: 3,300 to 3,800
* Fayrg bones: 2,900 to 3,300
* Ourg bones: 4k to 4.5k

*POH (top)

Player Owned Houses (POH) From NPC: 1k
Teak Dining Room Set: 10k to 15k
Oak Chairs:1k to 2k ea
Oak Dining Table: 4k to 6k ea
Oak Dresser: 2k to 4k
Rocking Chairs: 500 to 1k ea
Cloth: 650 to 1.5k ea
Wood Dining Table: 750 1.5k ea
Crude Wooden Chair: 100 to 500 ea
Wooden Bed: 1k to 5k
Oak Bed: 5k to 9k
Fancy Bed: 15k to 25k
4-Post Bed: 15k to 20k 
Clay Fireplace: 500 to 2k
Limestone Fire Place: 6k to 15k
Small Oven: 5k to 7k
Firepit: 200 to 1k
Firepit with Hook: 1k to 1.2k
Firepit with Hook and Pot: 1.5k to 1.8k
Large Oven: 10k to 12k
Iron Range: 15k to 20k
Fancy Range: 25k to 30k

Miscellaneous (top)

*Amulets (top)

FuryAmulet: 5.0million to 5.5 million
Onyx Amulet: 4.3million to 4.5 million

*Antiques (top)

Half Jug Of Wine: 20.0 to 25.0 million
Disk of Returning: 4.0 to 5.0 million

*Flowers (top)

Black: 70 to 100k
White: 35 to 50k
Orange: 300 to 400
Red, Blue, Yellow Combo: 250
Purple, Light Purple, Light Blue Combo: 300
Purple: 300
Yellow: 150
Red: 150
Dark Blue: 200

Misc (top)

Clockwork Cat: 30k to 100k
Wine of Zamorak: 1k to 3k
* Half-Keys: 30k to 45k
* Crystal Key: 60k to 85k
* Muddy Key: 3k to 5k
Maze Key: 500 to 1k
Edgeville Crypt Key: 400 to 8k
Phoenix Key: 20 to 700
Red/Yellow/White/Black Beads: 50 to 500
Chef Hat: 150
Strange Fruit: 500


Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community

Other contributors: Immortaly007, Pimpinjman1993, Norcoorange, DementedDogz, Kfiatusheq, and SteveROXdude

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