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Phil's RS classic cooking guide

The original guide can be found at thanks for letting me reproduce it here!

Recipes (top)

Flour, Dough and Bread (top)

You will need to be able to make dough to make bread, pies, andpizzas.

  1. Pick some wheat to get grain, and get a pot for every grain youhave.
  2. Go to the windmill northwest of Lumbridge, or, if you can getin, go to the cooks guild.
  3. Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the grain with thehopper, then operate the hopper. Repeat for every grain you have(do not put more than one grain on the hopper before you operateit).
  4. Go to the first floor of the windmill and put each flour in apot. If you don't put the flour in a pot, it will disappear afterabout four minutes.
  5. To make dough, fill a jug or bucket with water and use thewater with the flour.
  6. Select bread, pastry, or pizza dough, depending on what you aregoing to make. If you are making bread, cook the dough on astove.

Redberry, Meat, and Apple Pie (top)

  1. Make pastry dough.
  2. Get a pie dish and put the dough in the pie dish.
  3. Get your filling (redberries, cooked meat, or cooking apple),and put it in the pie.
  4. Cook the pie on a stove. If you burn the pie, you can reuse thepie dish by emptying it.

You need a cooking level of 10 to make redberry pie. Redberriesare found southeast of Varrock. Meat pie requires a cooking levelof 20, and apple pie is level 30. However, cooking apples are foundonly in the cook's guild, which requires level 32 to get in. Youneed a crafting level of 3 to make a pie dish.

Stew and Curry (top)

  1. Get a bowl and put water in it.
  2. Put a potato (available in some farm fields) and cooked meat inthe bowl.
  3. To make curry (members only), buy or steal spice from the spicestall, and add it to the uncooked stew.
  4. Cook the stew on a stove or a fire. If you burn the stew, youcan empty the bowl and reuse it.

You need a cooking level of 25 to make stew, and 60 to makecurry. You need level 5 crafting if you want to make the bowl (orget it from the cooks guild), and a thieving level of 65 to stealthe curry from the spices stall in Ardougne (it costs 230gp if youdon't steal it).

Pizza (Plain, Meat, Anchovy), and Pineapple (top)

  1. Make pizza dough. You can also buy pizzadough for 4 gp in the bandits village in the wilderness.
  2. Buy a tomato and cheese at the food store in Port Sarim, or getthem in the house in Draynor Village, or the bandits village. Putthe tomato on the pizza, then the cheese. Cook the pizza on astove.
  3. If your cooking level is high enough, you can add a topping.Note that the hard part of making pizza is cooking the pizza, andyou cannot ruin the pizza by adding a topping. You can add cookedmeat, cooked anchovies, or a pineapple slice (members only).

Plain pizza requires a skill level of 35, meat pizza is level45, and anchovy pizza is level 55. Anchovies require level 15fishing to catch (with a net in the ocean). To make pineapple pizza(level 65, members only), pick a pineapple (in the jungle onKaramja Island) and cut it with a knife. You will get four pinapplerings, which you can put on four cooked pizzas.

Wine (top)

  1. Fill a jug with water. You can't use a bucket to makewine.
  2. Get some grapes from the cooks guild and use them with thewater. You will have either regular wine or bad wine. You can stilldrink the bad wine but it will not restore hit points. The only wayto reuse your jug if you make bad wine is to drink the badwine.

Wine requires a cooking level of 35, and you need a chef's hatto get grapes from the cook's guild. This is the only food that youcan make entirely from items available in the cooks guild, so it isa good way to build up your cooking level once you have reachedlevel 35.

Cake (Plain and Chocolate) (top)

  1. Get a cake tin from the cooks guild and a bucket.
  2. Make flour.
  3. Get an egg from a chicken farm, and put milk in yourbucket.
  4. Mix the egg, flour, and milk into the cake tin.
  5. Cook the cake on a stove. After the cake is cooked, it is nolonger in the cake tin, so you can reuse the tin for the next cake.Be sure your inventory has room for both the cake and tin, or youwill drop the cake.
  6. If your cooking level is high enough, you can add chocolate tothe cake (available in the cooks guild or food store).

You need a cooking level of 40 to make plain cake, and 50 forchocolate cake.

Cooking-related skills guide (top)

Below is a list of skills you might need to help you cook foodin RuneScape, and how high a skill level you would want. Of coursehigher is always better.

Cooking skill (top)

The most obvious skill to have, this skill determines what kindof foods you can cook. You will also burn food less with a highercooking level. Anchovy pizza requires the highest cooking skilllevel in the free version: 55. In the members version the hardestfood to cook is shark (level 80). If your cooking level is highenough, you will stop burning some foods entirely. To complete thewitch's quest, you need burnt meat. If you want to burn meat butyour cooking level is too high, use cooked meat with a fire orstove a second time. This doesn't work with any other foods.

To raise your cooking level, if you haven't done it already, dothe cook's quest. You start the quest by talking to the cook inLumbridge Castle. You have to find a few items for him so he canbake a cake. The quest gives you 300 experience points, which willmake you level 4 cooking if you have no cooking experience.

Fishing skill (top)

You need this skill to (you guessed it) go fishing at the riveror ocean. In general, fish that require a higher fishing level tocatch also require a higher cooking level. The most difficult fishto catch is the swordfish, at level 50. You can find places to gofishing by looking at the RuneScape map. You have togo to certain locations and use the right kind of fishing equipmentto catch a particular fish. See the fishingguide for details on how to catch fish. To get your fishinglevel up, you have to start by using a net from the fishing storein Port Sarim with saltwater fish.

Woodcutting and firemakingskills (top)

You will need some skill in woodcutting and firemaking in orderto make a fire within a reasonable amount of time. This is usefulif you are cooking chickens on a farm and don't want to walk to astove to cook your meat. To make a fire you will need an axe (notbattle axe) and a tinder box. Tinder boxes are available for 1 gpfrom most (or all) general stores, and bronze axes are availablefrom Bob's Axes in Lumbridge for 17 gp, or from a general store. Ifyou have a better axe (mithril, adamantite, etc.), your woodcutting level will go up much faster, because it will be easier tocut down trees.

In the pay-to-play version, there are several types of trees youcan cut down in addition to normal trees: Oak (woodcutting level15), Willow (level 30), Maple (level 45), Yew (level 60), and Magic(level 75). I doubt they are very useful for making fires though(they're used for fletching).

To make a fire, chop a tree until you get wood. Drop the wood,and use a tinderbox with the logs until you make a fire.

Crafting skill (top)

If your cooking level is between 10 and 32, you may find thatyou want to make a pie or some stew, but you can't get a pie dishor bowl. If you want a reliable source of these items and can't getinto the cooks guild yet, you can make them yourself. (Pie dishesare also available in the Varrock palace kitchen.) The highestcrafting skill level you will need for cooking is 7. You can alsoget crafting skill by doing the sheep shearer quest (talk to achicken farmer northwest of Lumbridge to start) and the goblindiplomacy quest (talk to the bartender in Port Sarim).

  1. Mine some clay at the site north of Rimmington, the undergrounddwarven mine, or west of Varrock. (You only need a mining level of1). If you don't know how, follow these steps:
    • Get a pickaxe (available free in Barbarian Village and inRimmington).
    • Find some rocks and right click to prospect them. Prospectdifferent rocks until you find clay.
    • Then, left click on the rocks to mine the clay.
  2. Use a jug or bucket of water with the clay to make softclay.
  3. Find the potter's wheel and pottery oven in Barbarian Village.Put the soft clay on the potter's wheel and make your item. Put itin the pottery oven to finish. The item you're making sometimescracks, but usually doesn't, even if you have a low craftingskill.

You need a crafting skill level of 1 to make a pot, 3 for a piedish, and 7 for a bowl.

In the pay-to-play version, you can make a beer glass with level5 crafting, and then fill the glass in the barrels of beer acrossthe street from Seer's village bank.

Fighting skills (top)

You will need some amount of skill in attacking monsters to getraw meat, although any newbie can easily kill a few chickens (level3). Other animals that have meat are giant rats and cows (bothlevel 8), and bears (level 24). If you have high fighting skills,you can sell food in dungeons and the wilderness, where people aremost likely to need food.

Herblaw skill (members only) (top)

You need a herblaw skill level of 25 to mix oil to make an oilyfishing rod, used to catch lava eels. You need a level of 50 tomake a fishing potion out of Avantoe and Snape Grass. The potionboosts your fishing skill by 3 temporarily (I think).

Thieving skill (members only) (top)

You need a thieving skill of at least 65 to steal the curry fromthe spices stall in Ardougne (it costs 230gp if you don't stealit).

Mining/Smithing skills (top)

You only need this skill for cooking if you want to make ahatchet for cutting wood (or to make weapons and armor for fightingthose chickens). You can't use a battle axe for cutting wood. Ifyou want a mithril, adamantite, or rune woodcutting axe, you haveto make it or buy it from another player. All hatchets require onebar of metal to make. See a tableof the skill levels you need to make hatchets.

Places to work on your cooking skill (top)

Chicken farms (top)

The best chicken farm is in the champions guild,because it has a stove to cook the chickens on. To get in, you need32 quest points. If you can't get in, go to one of the otherchicken farms (there's one north of Lumbridge and one south ofFalador). You can also kill cows for meat, but then the peoplemaking cakes have a hard time getting milk because all the cows aredead.

Lumbridge Castle (top)

The stove in Lumbridge Castle is the best stove tocook on, because it gives you a cooking bonus when you use it, soyou will burn food less. You have to complete the cook's questbefore you can use the stove. The Lumbridge kitchen also has freepots and jugs, and a fountain nearby.

Cooks guild (top)

Once your cooking skill reaches 32, you can cook inthe cooks guild, located west of Varrock. It has a windmill, stove,sink, free pots and jugs, and other cooking supplies, some of whichare only available in the cooks guild. You will need a chef's hatto get in (which is dropped by certain monsters, likegoblins).

Karamja dock (top)

If you also want to work on you fishing level, get something to fish with (see fishing skill, below) and get a ride (it costs 30 gp) to Karamja Island at the docks in Port Sarim. Be sure to bring a hatchet and tinderbox to make fires, and you can fish and cook all day long, no matter what your cooking and fishing levels. You can sell your fish at the general store, but there is no bank on Karamja Island.

Bandits village (top)

If your cooking skill level is at least 35, you canmake pizzas in the Bandits village. It is in levels 17 to 24 of thewilderness (go north from the monastery, past the skeleton mine anddark warrior fortress). A couple bandits (level 29) are guardingthe entrance, but inside, you won't get attacked (except by otherplayers if they're around). You can buy pizza bases from Fat Tonyfor 4 gp, and you can get free tomatoes and cheese. Cook the pizzason the oven, and sell them for 24 gp to Noterazzo, who runs ageneral store. Be aware that Fat Tony is a fugitive and Noterazzodoesn't pay his sales tax, however. ;-)

Experience chart (top)

Every time you sucessfully cook food or catch a fish, you getexperience points (xp) in cooking or fishing. Experience gained forsuccessfully cooking food or fishing is listed below. No extraexperience is given for putting chocolate on a cake, or for puttingtoppings on a pizza. Experience listed is experience for cookingthe pizza plus cooking the meat or anchovies. Finishing the cooksquest gives 300xp for cooking. The Sea Slug quest (members only)gives about 15,000 xp fishing.

Foods with graybackground are in members version only. Mackerel, cod, andbass are caught with a big net, which means you can catch up tofive at a time. Experience listed is for one fish.

Cooking experience (top)

Cooking levelItem cookedXP gained
10Redberry pie60
20Meat pie80
30Apple pie160
45Meat pizza140 (110+30)
50Chocolate cake120
55Anchovy pizza170 (110+60)






Fishing experience (top)

Cooking levelFishing levelFishFishing XPCooking XP
5353Lava Eel30140

Experience needed for each level (top)

XP for level 100 has been confirmed, since Everdred reached level 99 in woodcutting. Note that in thescreenshot above, it says "Next level at: 14391160." However, onthe top score list for magic, Bluerose13x hasover 15,000,000 xp for magic, but she is still level 99.Apparently, it's not possible to go over level 99. For predictionsof experience values for levels over 100 (if Andrew ever allowsthem), see the experience formula.Thanks to SlowByte for the following table.

LevelExperience needed LevelExperience neededLevelExperience needed

All food that you cook (top)

Notes: A value with (x2) or (x3) is how many times you can usethe food before it is gone.
hp = hit points, str = strength, def = defence, att = attack

Buying and selling prices are for the general store. Buyingprice is with only one item in stock; selling price is with noitems in stock.

Meat and stew can be cooked on either a fire or a stove. Bread,pies, pizzas, and cake can only be cooked on a stove. Foods withgray background arein members version only.

Cooking levelFoodEffectsHow to obtainBuying priceSelling price
1Cooked Meat+3 hpCook meat from a cow, chicken, giant rat, or bear. Raw meat canbe bought in the food store. Cooked meat is found in BarbarianVillage.5gp1gp
1Bread+4 hpMake.15gp4gp
10Redberry Pie+3(x2) hpMake.15gp4gp
20Meat Pie+4(x2) hpMake.19gp6gp
25Stew+9 hpMake.25gp8gp
30Apple Pie+5(x2) hpMake.38gp12gp
35Pizza+10 hpMake.  
35Wine+11 hp
-3 att
Make. (Used to be in halves;1/2 jug is +5 hp -1 att but now you drink the whole jug atonce.)0gp0gp
35Bad wine-3 attThis is what you get if you try to make wine and fail. You canstill drink it if you want to.0gp0gp
40Cake+4(x3) hpMake.63gp20gp
45Meat Pizza+7(x2) hpMake.63gp20gp
50Chocolate Cake+5(x3) hpMake.88gp28gp
55Anchovy Pizza+8(x2) hpMake.  
60Curry+19 hpMake.  
65Pineapple pizza+10(x2) hpMake.  

Fish and Crustaceans (top)

This table lists all the fish and crustaceans in RuneScape, andwhere you catch them. For a map of specific locations where you canfish, see the official RuneScape map. For alist of what kind of fish a particular fishing item can catch, seeitems used in cooking and fishing.All fish can be cooked on either a fire or stove. To buy thefishing items listed, visit the fishing store in Port Sarim. Youcan also sell raw fish at the fishing store. Bait is also droppedby farmers, men, thieves, and warriors (and rogues, in the membersversion). Feathers are dropped by chickens.

In Draynor Village, there is a fish exchange stall where you cantrade fish for certificates. Fish can be either raw or cooked, andfive fish are traded for each certificate. Certificates arestackable. Lobsters, bass, swordfish, and sharks can be traded withcertificates.

Foods with graybackground are in members version only. Using a big net, youcan catch up to five fish at a time. Big nets can also catch otheritems such as seaweed and caskets, which give you 1xp fishing.

Cooking levelFishing levelFish/CrustaceanEffectsHow to obtain
11Shrimp+3 hpCatch with net in ocean.
15Sardine+4 hpCatch with rod and bait in the ocean.
510Herring+5 hpRod and bait in ocean
2815Anchovies+1 hpNet in ocean
??16Mackerel+6 hpUse big net on Catherby shore.
none??OysternoneUse big net on Catherby shore. You can't eat them but you cansometimes get pearls from them (used to make crossbow bolttips).
??24Cod+7 hpUse big net on Catherby shore.
1525Trout+7 hpFly fishing in river
2025Pike+7 hpRod and bait in river
2530Salmon+9 hpFly fishing in river
3035Tuna+10 hpHarpoon on dock on Karamja Island.
4040Lobster+12 hpUse lobster pot on dock on Karamja Island. Can be traded forcertificates at fish exchange stall in Draynor Village.
4246Bass+13 hpUse big net on Catherby shore.
4550Swordfish+14 hpUse harpoon on dock on Karamja Island. Can be traded forcertificates at fish exchange stall in Draynor Village.
5353Lava Eel+14 hpUse oily fishing rod and bait at Zamorak Dungeon lava spot
8076Shark+20 hpUse harpoon on Catherby shore.
  Piranha (just a joke) You can't catch these but they are in RuneScape.

Foods you have to buy (top)

The following foods are only available by finding or buyingthem; you cannot make them.

FoodEffectsHow to obtain
Easter egg+14 hp?This is a special item in celebration of Easter. You can't getthem any more unless you buy one from another player. I don't thinkthey have any use, but you can eat them.
Pumpkin+14 hpThese are special items, in celebration of Halloween. The onlyway to get one now is to buy it from another player. They have nouse, but you can eat them.
Beer+1 hp +1 str -2 attBuy at most taverns (Varrock bar, Port Sarim, Karamja Island) for 2gp, found for free in Barbarian village.
Asgarnian Ale+1 hp +2 str -3 attBuy at tavern in Falador for 2gp.
Dwarven Stout+1 hp +1 mining smithing -3 att def strBuy at tavern in Falador for 3gp.
Wizard's Mind Bomb+1 hp +2 magic -2 att def strBuy at tavern in Falador for 2gp.
Cabbage+1 hpFind in farmer's fields, buy at food store for 1gp.
Draynor Manor cabbage+1 hp +1 defFound at Draynor Manor. Normal cabbage and Draynor Manorcabbage look the same but stack in two different piles in thebank.
Cheese+2 hpBuy at food store for 4gp, or find in a house in DraynorVillage. The house is in the courtyard behind Ned.
Tomato+2 hpBuy at food store for 4gp, or find in a house in DraynorVillage. The house is in the courtyard behind Ned.
Chocolate+3 hpBuy at food store for 10gp or find in cooks guild.
KebabRandom; +2 to +11 hp, Sometimes +2 str def att, sometimes losehp.Buy at Kebab store in Al Kharid for 1gp. Made of goblin meat.
Spinach roll+2 hp, occationally +5 strDropped by Moss Giants (1/128 odds). Trailborn the Wizard, wholives in the Wizards Tower, will also give you one (or more) whenyou are first starting the Delrith quest. See how to get a spinach roll below.
Banana+2 hpBuy at food store for 2gp, found in back room of food store,found on banana trees on Karamja Island. You can also obtainbananas with the Bones to Bananas spell (level 15 magic, requires 2earth, 2 water, 1 nature rune). You can take bananas out of thecrate in Port Sarim and sell them to Luthas in Karamja Islandinstead of having to pick bananas for him.
Half full wine jug+5 hp -1 attWine used to come in halves, but now you drink the whole jug atonce. This used to be available in the Chaos Temple, but not anymore. The only way to get a half full jug of wine is to buy it fromsomeone else.

How to get a spinach roll from Trailbornthe Wizard (top)

You can only get a spinach roll from Trailborn if you haven'tfinished the Demon Slayer quest yet. If you have, you will need tocreate a new character if you want a spinach roll. He keeps them inhis pockets though, so do you really want to eat one of them?

  1. Talk to the gypsy in Varrock and accept the quest she givesyou.
  2. Talk to Sir Prysin in the palace in Varrock.
  3. Find Trailborn in the Wizards Tower south of Draynor Villageand tell him you need Sir Prysin's key.
  4. Tell him Sir Prysin is one of the king's knights. He will offeryou a spinach roll. Say you'd like one.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as you want, as long as you don'tcontinue the quest by telling Trailborn you will get bones for him.They're also dropped by moss giants.

Foods you can't eat (top)

The following foods are either used only in making another food,or are not used at all for cooking.

Foods with graybackground are for members only.

Foods used in cooking (top)

ItemUseHow to obtain
GrapesUse with a jug of water to make wine.Found in cooks guild.
Cooking appleUse as filling for a pie.Found in cooks guild. I've heard that it can be found in acouple other places also (including north of Ardougne).
PotatoUsed in stew. Can't be baked alone. Just think - bakedpotatoes.Found in certain farmer's fields, buy in food store.
MilkUsed in making cake. Currently can't be used to make any otherdairy products. Also used in the cooks quest.

(Xeqtonrstyle: in RS2 you can mix chocolate dust with milk. You get chocolate milk, which can be used as a beverage to gain health back.)

Use bucket with a cow.
EggsUsed in cake. Used in the cooks quest. Can't be cooked byitself.Found at certain farms.
WaterJug of water: Used for making wine. Bucket or jugof water: Used for making dough or soft clay for crafting.Bowl of water: Used for making stew.Use a jug or bowl with a sink or fountain. Use a bucket with asink, fountain, or well.
FlourUsed with flour to make dough. Used in cake. Used in the cooksquest.Buy at food store for 10 gp, make from grain.
RedberriesUsed in pie. Can't be eaten raw.Found just south of Varrock, buy in food store.

Foods not used in cooking (top)

ItemUseHow to obtain
Karamja RumUsed in a quest.Buy on Karamja Island for 30gp. Banned from the mainland, butthere is a way to smuggle some in...
CavadaberiesPoisonous; can't be used to make poison pie.Found just south of Varrock.
GarlicUsed for a quest. Can't be used in any food.Found in Draynor Village, upstairs in one of thebuildings.
OnionUsed for a quest. Not used in any food.Found near some farms.
White berriesUsed in herblaw to make defense and super defense potions.Found in wilderness level 40, near the red dragons.
MushroomNo use. All mushrooms in the game are poisonous.Found in forests, but you can't pick them.
Wine of ZamorakUsed in herblaw (members only)This is the new name of the half wine jug in the Chaos Templejust outside the wilderness on the west side.
Fish foodOK, this doesn't belong on this page but it is a food sort of.You can't use this on the fish in the river or ocean.Found in Draynor Manor, second floor.
PoisonCan't be used alone or on any foods except fish food.Found in Draynor Manor, first floor.

Items used in cooking and fishing (top)

Here is a list of all the items you might need to cook or gofishing. Fishing items are listed at the bottom of the page. Thecooks guild is west of Varrock.

Items with graybackground are in members version only.

Cooking items (top)

ItemUseHow to obtain
PotUsed to hold flour.Buy at general store, found in kitchen at Lumbridge Castle andin the cooks guild. Can be crafted.
JugHolding water or wineBuy at general store, found in kitchen at Lumbridge Castle andin the cooks guild.
BucketHolding water or milkBuy at general store, found in farmer's house between Lumbridgeand Varrock.
Pie dishHolding a pieFound in cooks guild and in the kitchen of Varrock Palace. Canbe crafted.
BowlHolding stewFound in cooks guild. Can be crafted.
Cake tinHolding a cake until it is bakedFound in cooks guild.
Chef's hatNeeded to get into cooks guild.Dropped by certain monsters (like the goblins east ofLumbridge), sold by other players. Unfortunately not sold in theclothing store in Varrock.
White apronNeeded to get into the back room of the food store in PortSarim - you need to do this for a quest or to get free bananas.Also, nothing says "cook" like a chef's hat and apron.Buy at clothes store in Varrock, found in back room of foodstore in Port Sarim.
Hatchet/Axe (not Battle Axe)Used to cut wood for fires. Can also be used as a weapon.Buy bronze, iron, and steel axes at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge orbronze ax at some general stores. Make any axes by smithing. See a table of hatchets below.
Tinder boxUsed to light logs on fire.Buy at General Store.
LogsUsed to make a fire.Cut down a tree with a hatchet. Found in a house in DraynorVillage.

Fishing items (top)

ItemUseHow to obtain
NetUsed to catch shrimp and anchovies in the ocean.Buy at fishing store in Port Sarim.
Fishing rodUsed to catch sardines and herring in the ocean, and pike inthe river.Buy at fishing store.
BaitUsed with fishing rod.Buy at fishing store, dropped by farmers, men, thieves, andwarriors (and rogues, in the members version).
Fly fishing rodUsed to catch trout and salmon in the river.Buy at fishing store.
FeathersUsed with fly fishing rod.Buy at fishing store, dropped by chickens.
HarpoonUsed to catch tuna, swordfish, and sharks.Buy at fishing store or found in the fishing guild, in theMaster Fisher's house.
Lobster potUsed to catch lobsters.Buy at fishing store, or found in the fishing guild, in theMaster Fisher's house.
Oily fishing rodUsed to catch lava eelsTalk to the Fishing Merchant in Port Sarim and he'll tell youabout the oil. You need lvl 25 herblaw to mix it, and you add it toa regular fishing pole.
Big netUsed to catch mackeral, cod, and bass, from one to five at atime.Found in the fishing guild, in the Master Fisher's house.

Other items (top)

ItemUseHow to obtain
PickaxeIts only uses in cooking are to mine clay for crafting, and tomine metal for making a hatchet.Buy at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge or underground mining store atdwarven mine. Found in Barbarian Village and Rimmington.
HammerIts only use in cooking is to make a hatchet out of a metalbar.Buy at general store or underground mining store at dwarvenmine.

Hatchets/Axes (top)

MetalMining levelSmithing levelAimPowerHow to obtainBuying priceSelling price
Bronze1156Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, general store1610
Iron151568Bob's Axes5634
Steel3031912Bob's Axes200120
BlackN/AN/A1115Dropped by black demons. Can't cut down trees.????
Mithril50511217Smith or buy from another player.650208
Adamantite70711824Smith or buy from another player.1600512
Runite85862737Smith or buy from another player.16,0005120

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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