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A Crafting Guide by Tidus0117

last update: June 06, 2005


Crafting is a great and profitable skill. It also has tons of things to do. There are a few basic items you will need, so here is a list you can refer to if you don't know what an item is or if you don't know where to get it: 

Basic Items

Name of Item Picture Purpose  Information 
Ball of wool Used to string amulets and symbols See Wool 
Bucket Fill with sand when making glass, or fill with water to soften clay You can buy one at the General store for two gold coins, or find them all across Runescape at various spawn locations. 
Chisel   A tool used to cut gems (and Members-only carve Limestone) You can buy one at any General store or the Crafting stores (located in Al Kharid and Rimmington) for one gold. 
Cowhide   Used in making leather To get one, kill a cow. They will always drop one. 
Dragonhide   Used in making Dragon leather To get one, kill any dragon. Each colored dragon (Black, Blue, Green or Red; NOT metal dragons!) drops a matching color hide.
Flax (Members Only*) Used to spin Bowstrings Flax is probably the fastest way of gaining crafting experience. It is used to spin bowstrings. But it is a Members-only feature! Go to a flax plant (there is a large field just West of Catherby, next to the beehives; there are also plants in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the Spinning Wheels and Bank!) and click on it to pick it (or right click and select 'pick flax'). Just like wheat, flax runs out. Once you have enough flax, go to a Spinning Wheel and use the Flax with the Spinning Wheel. Flax gives 15 crafting experience for every one you spin. 
Jug   Fill with water, use to soften clay You can buy one at the General Store for one gold coin. 
(Any) Mould Used to make Gold and Silver items (jewelry, symbols and more) You can buy Amulet, Necklace and Ring moulds, as well as the Holy symbol mould and the Sickle mould, at either crafting shop for five gold coins. The Crafting Guild has Amulet mould, Necklace mould and Holy symbol mould spawns.
Needle   Used in leather armour crafting These are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. They also can be found by searching haystacks! 
Shears   Used to obtain Wool Buy at a General store for one gold coin. Shears also spawn at the Crafting Guild, and in the northeast corner of the hay field located west of Lumbridge Mill.
Thread   Used in leather armour crafting These are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. Also spawns at the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock.
Wool   Used to make Ball of wool (also used in a quest or two) Obtain by using Shears on some sheep (there is a big field of them just Northwest of Lumbridge, and a few north of the Crafting Guild). After a few tries (they run away a lot), or maybe on your first try, you will get some Wool. Now find a Spinning wheel and use the Wool on the Spinning wheel to make a Ball of wool (earns 2.75 xp).


Crafting Guild - Located southwest of Falador, northwest of Rimmington (see additional info). 

Crafting Shops - Located in Al Kharid and Rimmington, these stores sell Chisels, Needles, and Thread for 1 gp each; and Amulet moulds, Necklace moulds, Ring moulds, Holy symbol moulds, and Sickle moulds for 5 gp each. 

Entrana - The island of Entrana is the only place you can obtain a Glass blowing pipe for making glass. It spawns in the house with the range, north of the Herblore shop. To get to Entrana go to the docks at Port Sarim and speak to any Monk of Entrana. You are not allowed to bring any weapons or armor to Entrana, but the boat ride is free.

Furnaces - Furnaces are needed for gold and silver crafting. They are located in Al Kharid, Falador, Lumbridge, and for members in Ardougne (east of river), Rellekka (quest required), and Shilo Village (quest required). 

Potteries - Potteries include both Potter's Wheels and Pottery Ovens for making clay items. They are located in the Barbarian Village, and for members in Ardougne (west of river), the Digsite, and Rellekka (quest required). 

Spinning Wheels - Lumbridge Castle (2nd floor), Barbarian Village, Falador (west of the south gate), and for members in the Seers' Village (upstairs), the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Rellekka (quest required). 

Tanners - Tanners are located in Al Kharid and in the Crafting Guild, and for Members in Canifis (more expensive due to remote location), and (Leatherworker) in the Ranging Guild. All will convert cow hides and dragonhides to leather for a fee.

Glass (Members Only*)

Glass crafting is a members-only feature! You can craft three items with glass: Beer glasses, Vials, and Orbs. Beer glasses have no use (other than filling them with ale from Barrels with taps.) Vials can be filled with water and used for Herblore. Orbs are used to make Battlestaffs. Below are the specific instructions on how to make Molten glass, and then how to make glass items: 

  1. Get a bucket. 
  2. Go to Entrana Island (go to Port Sarim - don't bring any weapons or armor - and talk to the Monks of Entrana) (everything else that you need for glass crafting is on Entrana, but bring your bucket). 
  3. Get some seaweed, 8 spawn on the Northwestern part of the island. 
  4. Go to the range found just North of the dock and use the seaweed with the range. The seaweed will turn to 'Soda Ash'. 
  5. Use your bucket with the sandpit found next to the Herblore shop (west of the dock). Your bucket should now be full of sand. 
  6. Now go to the room next to the one with the range in it, there should be a furnace in it. 
  7. Use either your bucket of sand or your soda ash on the furnace. This will combine the two items, and will turn them into 'Molten glass'. 

To craft molten glass into an item you will need a 'Glass Blowing Pipe'. You can find one of these in the house with the range. Use the Glass blowing pipe and the Molten glass together and then choose what you would like to make from the selection area. What you can make is dependent on your overall Crafting level and not on how much glass you have made. With any luck you will bypass the need to make Beer Glasses. Note: If you have the special sand and seaweed (cooked to soda ash) you can make glass in any furnace. A Glass Blowpipe spawns in the house near the Fishing Contest and Ranging Guild area. A sandpit is available on Entrana and in Zanaris after The Lost City Quest. A single bucket of sand spawns in the small goblin settlement, near the Observatory, in the building with a range (this is on the route to Ardougne when you use the Ring of Duelling to Castle Wars as a teleport to the general area) 

Cross-reference to other skills and levels needed for lantern making

  • All lanterns are lit by using a tinderbox. Firemaking levels required to light are: 
  • Candle lantern: lvl 4; Oil Lamp: lvl12; Oil Lantern in Iron Frame: lvl26; Bullseye Lantern: lvl 49. 
  • Your lantern can blow out so you may wish to carry a tinderbox with you. 
  • The Candle Lantern takes a white candle, bought at Catherby Candle-maker. It will also takes the Black Candle left over from Merlin�s Crystal Quest which you may have stowed away in your bank. However the Candle lantern with a Black Candle will take up an extra space in your bank and will not stack with the White Candle version. 
  • The Oil Lamp can be made and used on its own but is more convenient and stronger if put into an iron frame and converted to an Oil Lantern ( Smithing: Iron making: level 26) 
  • The Bullseye Lantern is made from a Steel frame and a Glass Lens ( Smithing:Steel making: level 49 ) 
  • The Oil Lamp / Lantern and the Bullseye Lantern require oil. 
  • Collect Swamp-tar from the Lumbridge swamps. Take 1 swamp-tar for each lantern, together with the lantern(s) to the chemist in Rimmington (just behind and north-west of the store). In the eastern part of the main room there is a Small Oil Still. 
  • �Use� the swamp-tar with the still, then �use� the lantern with the still and it will be filled with oil. The oil lantern is now ready to be lit and used. With a lit lantern, right-click and there is an option to �Extinguish� the lantern. 
Picture Item Name Crafting Lvl Required Crafting EXP for Molten Glass Crafting EXP for Item Total Crafting EXP
  Beer Glass 3 20 17.5 37.5
  Lantern Lens 3 20    
Vial 33 20 35 55
  Orb 46 20 52.5 72.5 

Battlestaffs/Mystic Staves (MembersOnly*)

Battlestaffs are great. They have two uses: a weapon and an unlimited source of basic runes of one kind. (Note that the Staff of air, earth, fire and water sold at Zaff's Staff Shop are not as good in physical combat as Battlestaffs, which in turn are not as good as Mystic staffs.) To make a Battlestaff you will need the following items: 

  1. A Battlestaff (can be bought at the Varrock Staff Shop for 7000 gold coins only on Members servers) 
  2. A glass orb 
  3. 3 cosmic runes 
  4. 30 basic runes of the type of Battlestaff you want it to be (ex. 30 fire runes if you want a Battlestaff of Fire) 

Powering Orbs

Picture Orb Type Magic Lvl Needed Runes Needed Obelisk Location
Water  56 3 Cosmic
30 Water
Taverley Members-only dungeon. In the Black Dragon room go up the ladder and it will be next to you.
Earth 60 3 Cosmic
30 Earth
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. Past the Black Demons, near Chronozon.
  Fire 63 3 Cosmic
30 Fire
Taverley Members-only dungeon. Past the Black Dragons to the west of the Black Dragons in a little room with lava.
Air 66 3 Cosmic
30 Air
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. At the Black Demons (level 156) there is a little room with a ladder to the North, go up the ladder and you will be standing next to it.

Attaching Orbs to Battlestaffs

Picture Staff Type Crafting Lvl Required Experience for Attaching Orb
  Water battlestaff 54 100
  Earth battlestaff  58 112.5
  Fire battlestaff 62 125
  Air battlestaff  66 137.5

Mystic staffs (Enchanted Battlestaffs)

You can get your Battlestaff enhanced into a Mystic staff. To get your Battlestaff enhanced you must have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest. If you have done it, go back to Thormac the Sorcerer with 40,000 gold coins and your Battlestaff. Talk to him and tell him that he said he would enhance your Battlestaff for you. Select the Battlestaff you want and it will become a great weapon. It will now have statssimilar to the Rune Long Sword!! 


Pottery is probably the worst part of crafting because it gives low experience, it's tedious and boring, and is not significantly profitable. Nonetheless... it is a part of crafting so it must be explained. Pottery is a lot like glass crafting (if you have read that section you'll understand). Below are the instructions for making pottery:

  1. Mine Clay ore.
  2. Get a jug or bucket.
  3. Fill the jug or bucket with water.
  4. Use the Clay ore with the water-filled jug or bucket to make Soft clay.
  5. Go to a Potter's Wheel (located in Barbarian Village or the Crafting Guild, or for Members the Digsite, Rellekka, or West Ardougne).
  6. Use the Soft clay with the Potter's Wheel.
  7. Choose what you would like to make from the selection screen.
  8. Use the unfired clay item on the Pottery Oven.
Picture Item Name Crafting Lvl Needed Experience for Spinning Experience for Firing Total Experience Gained Used For 
Pot 1 6.25 6.25 12.5 Carrying Flour
  Pie Dish 7 15 10 25 Cooking Pies
  Bowl 8 18 15 33 Cooking Stew


Leather is an easy way of getting crafting experience. There is also Dragonhide leather, which also must be tanned (for a higher fee per piece). 

Soft and Hard Leather

  1. Get a cow hide. 
  2. Go to a Tanner (found in Al Kharid or in the Crafting Guild if you can get in; there is also a Leatherworker in the Ranging Guild and a Tanner in Canifis for Members.) 
  3. Make sure you have one gold coin for every cow hide that you have. 
  4. Talk to the tanner and say "Here are some cow hides, can I buy some leather?" 
  5. A selection screen will come up and ask you if you want soft leather or hard leather. 
  6. After you choose, the Tanner will take the cow hide and 1 coin and give you the leather. 
  7. To make an item from the leather get a Needle and Thread (buy in Crafting stores in Al Kharid and Rimmington; Needles are also found by searching haystacks). Use the Needle with the leather. Then select what you want to make on the selection screen. Your crafting level will determine what you can make. 

Studded Leather Armor (Members Only*)

Studded Leather bodies and Studded Leather Chaps are made by making studs out of steel bars and using the studs with regular leatherarmor.

Picture Item Name Crafting Lvl Needed Crafting Experience
  Gloves 1 13.8
  Boots 7 16.3
  Cowl 9 18.5
  Vambraces  11 22
  Leather Body 14 25
  Chaps 18 27
  Coif 38 37
  Hard Leather Body 28 35
  Studded Leather Body 41 40+25
  Studded Leather Chaps 44 42+27

Dragonhide Leather

Picture Item Name # of Leathers Needed Crafting Lvl Needed Crafting Experience
  Green Leather Vambraces 1 57 62
  Green Leather Chaps 2 60 124
  Green Leather Body 3 63 186
  Blue Leather Vambraces 1 66 70
  Blue Leather Chaps 2 68 140
  Blue Leather Body 3 71 210
  Red Leather Vambraces 1 73 78
  Red Leather Chaps 2 75 156
  Red Leather Body 3 77 234
  Black Leather Vambraces 1 79 86
  Black Leather Chaps 2 82 172
  Black Leather Body 3 84 258

Gold Jewellery

Jewellery is a huge part of crafting. Your crafting level determines what gems you can cut, and what gems you can use and what you can craft. To craft goldjewellery do the following: 

  1. Get a gold bar. Mine Gold ore (you need level 40 mining) and then use it with a furnace (you need level 40 smithing) to make it into a bar. 
  2. Get a gem if you want the piece of jewellery to have a gem in it. 
  3. Use a chisel to cut the gem if it isn't already cut. 
  4. Get the mould for the kind of Jewellery you want to make (ex. necklace mould if you want to make a necklace). 
  5. Use the gold bar with the furnace and select what you want to make. 

Note: You must have the mould for what you want to make in your inventory. 

Cutting the Gems

Picture Gem Name Level to Cut Experience
  Sapphire 20 50
  Emerald 27 67
  Ruby 34 85
  Diamond 43 107.5
  Dragonstone 55 137.5

Below is a table of all the craftable items made with gold.

Gold Jewelry Table

Item Ring Picture Level to Craft Ring Ring Crafting Exp Necklace Picture Level to Craft Necklace Necklace Crafting Exp Amulet picture Level to Craft Amulet Amulet Crafting Exp
Gold   5 15 6 20 8 30
Sapphire   20 40 20 55 24 65
Emerald   27 55 29 60 31 70
Ruby   34 70 40 75 50 85
Diamond   43 85 56 90 70 100
Dragonstone   55 100 72 105 80 150

Silver Items

Holy Symbol of Saradomin


You need level 16 crafting to make one. It gives 50 crafting experience per Holy Symbol. These are used to make your prayer last longer. To make a Holy Symbol of Saradomin you will need to get a bar of silver. Do the following things to get one (you will need lvl 20 mining and smithing): 

  1. Find a silver rock (Southwest Varrock mine, Al Kharid chasm mine, and lots in the Crafting Guild if you can get in) and mine it.
  2. Go to a furnace and use the Silver ore with the furnace to smelt it. 
  3. Now, get a Holy Symbol mould at a Crafting Shop for five gold coins. There are crafting stores in Rimmington and Al-Kharid, or the mould can be found inside the crafting guild.
  4. Go back to the furnace and use the silver bar with the furnace. It will ask you what you would like to make. Click the Holy Symbol of Saradomin picture.
  5. You will now notice that you cannot wear it yet. That's because it does not have a string. Get a Ball of wool, and use the ball of wool with the Holy Symbol. Now you can wear the Holy Symbol but it does not give any prayer bonus.
  6. Go to Brother Jered in the Prayer Guild (level 31 prayer required), and talk to him. If you have the strung Holy Symbol with you, he will ask you if you want him to 'Bless' your Holy Symbol. This is free. In case you don't know where the Prayer Guild is, it's in the Monastery. Go to either wing of the Monastery and go up the ladder.

Unholy Symbol of Zamorak (Members Only*)


After you finish the Observatory Quest, go to the Zamorak Worshipping Site north of it. Talk to the Spirit of Scorpius for an Unholy Symbol Mould (You can get them unlimited times; they are not tradeable). Use it with a Silver Bar on a Furnace and select "Unholy Symbol of Zamorak". It gives 50 Experience. After stringing it (Normal procedure) head back to the Spirit of Scorpius to make him bless it. It gives +2 in all attack stats and +8 Prayer when worn.

Silver Sickle (Members Only*)


Follow the same procedure as with any other silver item, but this time use a Silver Sickle Mould, which can be bought at the crafting store in Al Kharid. It gives 50 experience. You can get it blessed by taking it to the Nature Spirit grotto in Mort Myre swamp. The Silver sickle(b) ("blessed") can be used to Cast Bloom. This is used in Mort Myre Swamp to generate items for your Druid pouch, but can also be used for a pretty effect at weddings (consumes prayer).



13 June 2005 - the new update to Runescape! Tiaras can be made for crafting exp and for Runecrafting. They can be made into Rune Tiaras by inserting talismans into them (just bring your tiara and a talisman to mysterious ruins and use the tiara on the Altar). The new Tiaras can be worn in the head slot. Tiaras allow to get faster Runecrafting experience (you get one more inventory slot free since you don't need your talisman.) Tiara mould costs 100gp.

Tiara Chart

Picture Tiara Exp. for making
Air 25
Mind 27.5
Water 30
Earth 32.5
Fire 35
Body 37.5
Cosmic* 40
Chaos* 42.5
Nature* 45
Law* 47.5

*Requires a member�s only talisman.


It is possible to change the color of capes by using certain dyes on them. Dyes can be bought from the Witch, Aggie, in Draynor Village, and purple dye spawns outside of the walls of the southwest corner of East Ardougne.

Orange: Mix yellow dye with red dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 3 experience for this.

Green: Mix yellow dye with blue dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 2 experience for this.

Purple: Mix red dye with blue dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 3 experience for this.

Red: Just apply a red dye to any color cape. You will gain 2 experience for this.

Blue: Just apply a blue dye to any color cape. You will gain 2 experience for this.

Yellow: Just apply a yellow dye to any color cape. You will gain 2 experience for this.

Shilo Village Rocks (Members Only*)

This is a members only feature. If you have completed the Shilo Village quest you will have access to some new gem rocks. Mining each gem yields 65 mining experience. Below is a chart of the gems and the experience received when you cut them with a chisel. You can also crush these gems with a Pestle and mortar, though it yields no crafting experience.

It is also possible to fail at cutting these, which ruins them. This is a picture of the crushed gemstone:

Now here is the chart of gems and experience.

Gem Level to Cut Cutting Experience Picture of Uncut  Picture of Cut
Opal 1 15
Jade 13 20
Red Topaz 16 25

Limestone (Members Only*)

Limestone can be purchased at the Mort'ton Building-supplies store, or mined at Limestone mines. On the Members-only path East of Varrock that leads to Canifis, the mine is north of the path shortly before you reach the Temple. The other Limestone mine is in Tirannwn, southeast of the south gate to Prifddinas. Using a chisel on Limestone creates a Limestone brick and earns 6xp crafting. Both Limestone and Limestone bricks can be used to rebuild the Mort'ton temple, which earns 5 xp at a time (see Shades of Mort'ton quest guide for details.)


Limestone brick: 

Snelms (Members Only*)

Snail helmets (or "snelms") can be made by members who have completed the Priest in Peril quest. Venture into Mort Myre swamp and kill a snail with the shell you fancy (there are 9 in all). An elemental shield is recommended as their acid attack is magical. You will get a snail shell and a snail corpse. Use a chisel on the shell (requires Level 15 crafting!) to make a snelm, earning 32.5 xp. 

Crafting Guild

The crafting guild has almost everything for crafting. It is located northwest of Port Sarim, north of Rimmington. It is open on both the members only servers and the freeplay servers. You need a level 40 crafting to enter. You also need to be wearing a brown apron. The Crafting Guild Guide can be found West of Falador and just north from Rimmington and the Melzar Maze.


Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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