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Fast, Easy Money

By Zach a.k.a: Brummondj

"Fast, Easy money," is a guide to be used for and withRSDemon, it includes various ways on how to make �fast, easy money� on Runescape. I hope you enjoy this guide for it can make you rich, quickly. This guide is a guide for members and non-members, so enjoy. This will be in a "listformat" and I will give you my feed back on what you need.

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Merchanting means to buy something for a low price and sell for a profit. This is a way to make money that I prefer to someone without great skills. Whether it�s buying coal and selling it for more, or buying armor and selling it for more. I merchant but it may take a while to learn this trade.


Woodcutting is a great and easy way to make money. Even if you�re lvl 1woodcutting! Back in the day when I was lvl 1 woodcutting I used to cut a lot of regular logs and save them. Then I ran into some members that said they were buying them for 50gp each! Shortly after I realized that some members buy for100 gp each! Once you get up to a high enough level for willow logs, yew logs, and magic logs {Membs} you can also cut those for money. They are usually pretty easy to sell.


This is one of my favorite ways of making quick cash if you�re a member and have decent ranged, normally you�d want 60+. You can either do the watchtower quest to get into the cave with great �blue ranging spots,� the hero�s guild with a decent spot, or go to taverly dungeon with a good ranging spot but a pretty far walk. Just range the dragons, pick up the hides(2k each) and the bones (3k each) and bring them to a bank when you�re full. I recommend using �watchtower dungeon�


Another great way to make quick cash is by killing dragons with a sword and an anti-dragon shield. The easiest place to kill these is either at the dungeons in #3 or in lvl 13 wilderness west of the castle or in lvl 21 wilderness where the green dragons are. Once again pick up the bones and hides and run them back and forth to a bank. I do not recommend a lvl 70 or below to kill green dragons or a lvl 80 or below for blues. I also wouldn�t recommend a non-member at using this way to make money.


A decent way to make money in Runescape, member or not, but if you�re a member sharks sell for 1k gp each.

Collecting herbs

Possibly one of the easiest ways to make money is by collecting unid (unidentified) herbs. It�s easier if you have a ring of wealth on but with a weapon go to the Edgeville dungeon then go to lvl 2-5 wilderness and you will find chaos druids. Kill them and usually every time they drop a herb. Now those herbs unidentified sell for 1k gp each or even higher. Bank them and repeat the process.


Also a very great way to make money non member and member. Just mine rune ess. Or buy them for 10gp each in non-memb worlds, and then if you�re non-member craft airs and sell them or if you can and are a member, make nature runes and sell them, they go for a bundle.


A very good way to make money, especially if you�re a good woodcutter. You can buy regular logs from non-members for 50-100 gp each then make shafts and sell then for 10gp each, or get your fletching up high and sell yew long bows or magic bows for 450 each and 1200 each.

High alchemy

This is great way to gain money and magic exp while making money. This is very good for yew long bows and magic long bows, but not much in non-members.

Mining and Smithing

The main way I made my money back in non-members was this way. I mined iron ores and coal, then made steel bars, then sold them for 500gp each. This is also a very great, easy and quick way to make money.

Comments from Link1704:

I have found one of the best ways to make money, and that is steel bars. Steel bars sell for500gp-550gp each!!! For two coal, 1iron, and a little time, that could add up. The materialall together cost roughly around 350gp. That means you just got a 150gp profit. After a while ofmaking numerous amounts of the bars that 150gp profit could add up. Ever wonder why peoplebuy coal? Well, now you know, cause instead of mining it, they use part of their 150gp profit tobuy some coal!!! Lets say you have 100k in the beginning to do anything with. You spend 90k oncoal that costs 150gp each. That gives you 600 coal, so now you need to get 300 iron ( youalways have half the amount of iron than coal). If you want to buy the iron it costs any where from50gp-100gp. So with the remaining 10k you spend it on 300 iron (yes I know, you went 5k over,but five K is easy to get) so you just spent about 105k on raw materials. So now you smith all thatiron and coal you just bought into 300 steel bars. Sell the steel bars for 500gp-600 gp, and youjust made 150k-165k. That's about a 50k profit. Remember, the more coal and iron you have, themore profit you will make.


a decent way to make money in members but hard if you�re unprepared or a lvl below 85. The rewards vary from around 30k in runes to  8mil gp for Guthan�s plate.

Note these are the fast, quick, easy ways of making money, but of course there exist many more ways...

2005; All rights reserved; created by Brummondj forRSDemon

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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