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Noonker's Fishing Miniguide

My name is Noonker, and I love to fish so I�ve compiled a guide for you. I�m not including Big net fishing in myguide as I think big net fishing�s a waist of time.

Level 1

Unfortunately everyone has to start somewhere, in fishing you will start with shrimps. Too bad shrimps are about as useful as...... boots. Healing only 3 hp. I suggest fishing shrimps south of Draynor.Untill�..

Level 5

You can now catch Sardines. Go to the nearest fishing shop and buy 1 fishing rod and 39 bait. After all the bait is gone you will be���..

Level 10

You can now catch herring. Whoopee. Get some more bait and fish until�.

Level 15

Anchovies! Here�s where you make money. Just kidding, their worthless so fish them and get it over with. Then when your���

Level 20

Trout. Ok, now your river fishing. You�ll need a fly fishing rod and feathers. I�ve found that until your in the shilo village, the best place to fish these is west of Varroc. Do this until.

Level 25

Bait fish in the same river you feather fished. Do this for awhile. Or you can stick to trout fishing until����

Level 30

Salmon. Salmon and trout, once in the shilo village, are the Quickest way for xp. Unfortunately you will need feathers. If your in fishing for the money keep going until�

Level 35

You are now catching tunas. If you have been cooking Tunas will be great! Now people will occasionally buy these. But your next level is your best����.

Level 40

Lobsters! Now you are officially making money, Lobsters ranger anywhere for 150-200gp not that bad. I continued with these all the way until sharks for 3 reasons.

  1. Lobsters sell a lot better
  2. Swordfish are unpredictable. 
  3. Lobsters come really fast after awhile

Level 50

You can fish Swordfish. Though I dislike fishing swordfish I know many people who chose this over my method. Choose what you wish because you�ll be fishing them for a long time���. 

Level 68

Fishing Guild. Its nothing special. There is no need to pot your way in. Oh wait, no, except it is a little closer to a bank.

Level 76

Sharks. Now sharks are good money makers, but there is one problem. Unless you are level 80+ Fishing sharks will be as slow as hell. But hey Why not fish sharks? It�s the best fish in the game.


To game fish go to The fishing trawler located south of ardougne. YOU CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE! I suggest a crew of at least 20. But this is not, at all, a good way for xp.

Tips While fishing.

  • To make fishing a little less boring do something else while doing it. You can talk with friends or go on the forums. You can switch between the game and another program by simply pressing Alt+tab.
  • River troll only attack when you first click on the spot.
  • Best way for xp is river fishing in shilo village.

Well that concludes my guide hope it was helpful.If you need any more assistance Contact me at 

Or in game my screen name, noonker.


Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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