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Fletching Guide

Made By: Ssjshadi

Last update: June 19, 2005

  1. Introduction To Fletching
  2. Skills Needed To Do More In This Skill
  3. Making Arrows
  4. Making Bows
  5. Making Special Bolts
  6. Making Darts
  7. Training Fletching
  8. Alchemy Guide
  9. Zogre Fletching
  10. Fletching Item Locator
  11. Miscellaneous Infomation

1. introduction To Fletching

Fletching is one of the most respected skills in Runescapebecause of its fast xp gain, makes a lot of money and can makeyou rich with the right skills. So do you want to know whatfletching is? Well Fletching is a skill that lets you make yourown ranging weapons, including special bolts, arrows, bows, anddarts. And all you just need is an axe (for cutting trees) and aKnife for your basic equipment.

2. Skills Needed To Do More In ThisSkill

The skills you mostly want to have since these will makefletching easier are woodcutting (to get the wood), smithing (toget the arrow heads, etc.), mining (getting ores for bars),combat (to get the feathers from the chickens!), and magic (toalch the bows for $$).

3. Making Arrows

First off you will have to start to make arrows. (When you cutone log you will get 15 arrow shafts per log.)

  1. Get your woodcutting axe to cut a normal tree
  2. After that get your knife out and use the knife on the log and you will get a menu up and pick the arrow shafts.
  3. Then get feathers from chickens, kill them, take their feathers and use the shafts on the feathers or vice-versa.
  4. Go get your pickaxe and go mine tin and copper ores (id this is your first time) and make them into bars and smith them into arrow tips (requires 5 smithing).
  5. Finally use the arrow tips on the headless arrows and you got your arrows!!!

Here is a table of all the other arrows and what smithinglevels you need to smith the arrow heads.

Arrow Table

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp. Lvl for Smith
15 Arrow shafts 1 5 N/A
15 Headless Arrows 1 15 N/A
15 Bronze Arrows 1 39.5 5
15 Iron Arrows 15 57.5 20
15 Steel Arrows 30 95 35
15 Mithrill Arrows 45 132.5 55
15 Adamant Arrows 60 165 75
15 Rune Arrows 75 225 90

4. Making Bows

Well when you finally reach level 5 you can start making bows!Making bows is one of the most simplest thing to do and gets yourXP up fast by doing this. This is how most people make most ofthere money and get millions of gp!!!! So here below is how tomake bows.

  1. At level 5, start by getting a full inventory of normal logs
  2. Then get your knife out of the bank and cut all of the logs into unstrung short bows
  3. Go to Seers Village and pick flax and after go to a spinning wheel and spin the flax (lvl 10 crafting required) to make bow string
  4. Use the bow string with the bow and to make a strung short bow

Bow Table

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp.
Short bow 5 10
Long Bow 20 20
Oak Short Bow 33 33
Oak Long Bow 25 50
Willow Short Bow 35 66.5
Willow Long Bow 40 83
Maple Short Bow 50 100
Maple long Bow 55 116.5
Yew Short Bow 65 135
Yew Long Bow 70 150
Magic Short Bow 80 166.5
Magic Long Bow 85 183

5. Making Special Bolts

Think only fletching is for making arrows and bows? Wrong!!!You can also make special bolts that is more powerful then theregular bolt. You can make 3 different bolts: Opal Tipped, PearlTipped, and Barbed Tipped Bolts. Below is 3 small guides how tomake them.

Note: You can only get normal bolts from the archery shops inVarrock and Catherby, as well as from monster drops. Alsorespawns are in some places in the wilderness.

Opal Tipped Bolts:

  • Go to Shilo Village and mine some of the gem rocks there. You will need to have finished the Shilo Village Quest to get in.
  • Use a chisel with the Opal(s) to cut, and once more to make Opal Tips. You get 2 tips per gem.
  • Use the Opal Tips with some normal bolts, and you'll have Opal Tipped Bolts.

Pearl Tipped Bolts:

  • Go fish some Oysters (hard to get some that have a pearl in them, but just keep trying).
  • When you have an Oyster with a pearl in it, use a chisel on it and you'll get a pearl. Use the chisel on it again and you'll have some Pearl Tips. Each pearl gives 2 tips.
  • Use the Pearl Tips on a normal bolt, and you have some Pearl Tipped Bolts.

Barbed Tipped Bolts

  • Go to the Ranged Guild and shoot at the targets until you have 140 tickets.
  • Go exchanged your tickets for 30 Barb Tips.
  • Use your Barb Tips on some normal bolts, and you'll have some Barbed Tipped Bolts.

Bolt Table

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp.
2 Opal Tipped Bolts 17 6
2 Pearl Tipped Bolts 33 12.5
30 Barbed Tipped Bolts 51 95

6. Making Darts

Darts is one the last item that you can make in Fletching.People don't really make darts since they are hard to make butnot that hard since all you have to do is get some dart tips andput some feathers on them.

Note: You need to have done Tourist Trap Quest to make Darts.

Darts Table

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp. Smithing lvl
Bronze Darts 1 18 4
Iron Dart 22 22 19
Steel Dart 37 75 34
Mithrill Dart 52 112 54
Adamant dart 67 150 74
Rune Dart 81 188 89

7. Training Fletching

So.. do you want to know where the best place to trainfletching at huh? I will give it to you since you all read myarticle on fletching.

Level 1-10
I know you think I am crazy bout making shafts is the fastestway. Just go to Draynor Forest and cut trees there but don'tforget to bring your knife.

Levels 10-25
Making Long bows are going to be the easiest way to get tolevel 25. go to Draynor Forest and cut trees there.

Level 25-40
Make Oak long bows in… guess… Draynor Forest.

Level 40-55
Make Willow long Bows next to Draynor Market.

Level 55-70
Make maple Long Bows at Seers Village

Level 65-99
Now you can make Yew Long Bows at Seers Village

And if you want to know where the best place to fletch is atthe southeastern part of Tree Gnome Stronghold since they gotSpinning Wheels Flax and yew and Magic trees. plus there is abank near by. Just to let you know...

8. Alchemy Guide

You heard about the items you can make but sill hadn't heardhow to make the money that can make you rich? If you do magic youknow what I am talking about. The best way to make money isby.... Alching your bows. All you need is level 21 magic for lowalch and/or level 55 for High Alch and some nature and firerunes. The fastest way to do this is to get all your bows innotes and then fletch them so you dont waste your time go back toyour bank

Alchemy Table

Name Low Alch Strung Bow High Alch Strung Bow Low Alch Bow(u) High Alch Bow(u)
Short Bow 20gp 30gp 9gp 15gp
Long bow 32gp 48gp 24gp 36gp
Oak Short Bow 40gp 60gp 20gp 30gp
Oak Long Bow 64gp 96gp 32gp 48gp
Willow Short Bow 80gp 120gp 40gp 60gp
Willow Long Bow 128gp 192gp 64gp 96gp
Maple Short Bow 160gp 240gp 80gp 120gp
Maple Long Bow 256gp 384gp 128gp 192gp
Yew Short Bow 320gp 480gp 160gp 240gp
Yew Long Bow 512gp 768gp 256gp 384gp
Magic Short Bow 640gp 960gp 320gp 480gp
Magic Long Bow 1024gp 1536gp 512gp 768gp

9. Zogre Fletching

Well, there is now a new fletching items after you havefinished the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest. Their are two newfletching items... well actual eight items if you count thebows.The items are the Composited Ogre Bow and the 'Brutal'Arrows. Below is two small guides on how to make them and whatitems you need

'Brutal' Arrows

  1. Start by first getting some achey logs, lots of feathers, a knife, hammer, and nails
  2. Then use your knife on the achey logs to get arrow Shafts
  3. When you have done that use the feathers (it takes about 4 fethers per shafts) to make headless arrows
  4. Then get your nails and hammer. (You'll need your hammer to put the nails into the shafts) Then use the nails on the headless arrows to have a 'Brutal' Arrows

Composite Ogre Bow

  1. First get these items: wolfbones, a achey log, a knife, and bowstring
  2. When you got the items above cut the achey logs into unstrung bow (you have to have the wolf bones in your inventory)
  3. Then use a bowstring on the unstrung bow and you will have a Composite Orge Bow

Composite Orge Bow

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp.
Composite Orge Bow 30 ?

' Brutal' Arrow Table

Pic Name Fletching lvl Exp. Lvl for Smith
Bronze Brutal 7 1.5 4
Iron Brutal 18 2.6 19
Steel Brutal 33 5.2 34
Black Brutal* 38 6.3 N/A
Mithrill Brutal 49 7.5 54
Adamant Brutal 62 10.2 74
Rune Brutal 77 ? 89

*You find the Black nails in coffins and by killing Zogres

12. Fletching Item Locator

Well Mugol wanted me to add a section about where to find theequipment or items you use in Fletching. So use the links belowto get to the section on where the items are located.


  • In Lumbridge, Behind the Lumbidge Castle
  • On Karamja isaland(f2p), Inside the General Store (I think they sell them too)
  • In the new Orge Area (Dont know what the name is) there is a shop called Uglug's Stuffsies. You can buy a Knife their for about 6 gp


  • There is a feild of flax in Seers Villagw
  • There flax scattered about in the tree Gnome Stronghold
  • You Can pick flax around the fountain at the Traverly (not recommended to go here to pick flax)

Spinning Wheel

When you are looking for a spinning wheel it will have icon onthe runescape map and it will look like this: andthat will mean that a Spinning wheel is located in there.

  • In Barbarin Village next to the Helm Store
  • Inside the Crafting Guild
  • Sothern Falador, next to the Chainmail Shop
  • In Lumbridge in the Lumbridge Castle on the Second floor
  • Southern-most building in Rellekka
  • In Seers Village, west of the party Hall, on the second floor
  • There is one in Sophanem
  • There are three Spinning Wheels in Tree Gnome Stronghold, in the southeastern part of this land

Rare Trees

These three trees, Maple, Yew, and Magic trees have an iconlike this: and itmeans that it is a rare tree.

  • There are some magic trees just west of the Rangers Guild
  • South of the Sorcerers' Tower is a mgic tree
  • There is some Magic Trees in the Southern part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • There is a group of Maple Trees just above McGrubers Woods
  • There are some more Maple Trees just west of the Legends Guild
  • There are some MORE Maple Trees West of Sinaclairs Mansion
  • By the Entrence to the Edgeville Dungeon in Edgeville, there are two yew trees there
  • There are three Yew Trees south of Falador
  • There a yew Tree North of Port Sarim
  • There is a couple of Yew Trees scattered about in Drynor Forest
  • There is a bunch of Yews in and around Varrock
  • There is one Yew Tree South of the Melzars Maze
  • South of the flax Feild is a group of yew Trees
  • In The Tree Gnome Stronghold there are yew trees scattered in there


To get feathers you will need to kill chickens for theirfeathers. They are not that hard to kill...

  • There are chickens in the farm that is just east of Dranyor Village
  • There are some more chickens north of Lumbridge
  • You can find chickens at the Champions Guild
  • in Hemster there are chickens scattered about the place
  • there is a pen full of chickens south of Falador

11. Miscellaneous Infomation

There is a couple of quest that can give you Fletching xp.They are: Big Chompy Bird Hunt, The Fremennik Trails, LegendsQuest, The Temple of Ikov, Tourist Trap, Zogre Flesh Eaters, andOne Small Favor.

If someone can email me at ssjshadi@yahoo.comor contact me on runescape under the player name ssjshadi andgive me the xp in the question marks, add anything that can beuseful in this guide, or if I missed anything in the ItemLoacator Guide I will gladly give you credit in this guide.

DISCLAIMER: This guide and all contents contained within arecopyright RuneScape player ssjshadi. You may use the guideanywhere you see fit, so long as I receive the credit for it.

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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