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Mike�s Guide to Internet Safety

By Mike Timmins



What is Internet safety

Internet safety is protecting oneself from various attacks over the internet. Now please keep in mind, when I say attack, I do not mean they will physically attack you, but try to steal you personal information, destroy files on your computer, or just make using your computer a real nussince. There are thousands of people who will attack you over the internet in thousands more ways, so its important to know how to stay safe.

How will I know if somebody has attacked me or my computer?

There are many first signs of an internet attack. If you receive many pop ups, or spam e-mail. Or perhaps your computer slows down, or any number of abnormal behavior of your computer. It may be as simple as your homepage changing addresses.

How people attack?

There are many ways that people attack. The most common methods are spy ware, aware, and viruses. Spy ware and aware are malicious software that enter your computer from spam e-mail, web pages, downloads, and web advertisements.

Some types of spyware monitor what you do and send the information to somebody. Some change system settings to try and direct you to other web pages. Some other creates popup that infect your computer with more spy ware. Some types record every click and every time you presses a key on your keyboard, these are often called key loggers.

Viruses on the other hand have only one true purpose, they alter your computer making it more difficult to use and in some cases making it impossible to use. Viruses get into your computer in the same way that spyware and adware do, but they are much more troublesome and harder to notice straight off.

You may think that your computer is free on any of these malicious softwares, but it likely isn�t. At any second there could be between 1 and 1 million spyware and viruses on your computer, recording everything you do.

How to Protect Yourself

Well, let me be completely honest, you can never be invulnerable, there will always be something, or someone who knows how to get to you, the idea is to be as safe as you can. Your first priority will be an Antivirus, I wouldn�t even suggest getting on the internet without a good antivirus, and I personally suggest using Norton, Mcafee, or AVG.

The second thing you will want is an anti spyware tool. Most antiviruses come with one of these built in, it just dose both jobs at once, but to be on the safe side you should download or buy one anyways. I would suggest using Spybot Search and Destroy. Next you will want a firewall, especially if you have a broadband connection such as DSL or cable. A good free firewall is Zone Alarm, but if you have the cash to spend you should buy a copy of the Mcafee Personal Firewal.

Finally, don�t make any stupid downloads, if you are prompted at random to accept a download from a site you don�t know -- don�t accept it. Accepting that download would be the same to your computer as you taking candy from a stranger. Also, try not to reveal your personal information to anybody, if you have a spyware you could be telling somebody else all your information.



Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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