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Metal Dragon Melee

By Mr Bill 42

OK. Let me start off with this statement; This guide was tested using Steel and Iron Dragons. I have no reason to believe that this would not work on Bronze as well, I just haven't tried them. This works just as well on Black Dragons.


What to wear and carry in your inventory. My preference is Full Iniatiate; Full Helm, Plate Body and Plate Legs. This give the best Prayer Bonus and gives good protection during the walk through the dungeon getting to the dragons. Take your best Melee weapon; I use either Whip or Drag Scimmy. I also wear a Glory and Wealth ring. You MUST carry the Anti-Dragon Fire Shield or you will die. Now for the inventory; 6 Prayer POts(4), 2 Super Str Pots(4), 2 Super Atk Pots(4) and 2 Anti Dragon Fire POts(4), a WC axe (any), 905 Coins, 1 click teleport (Tablet, Elf Stone, Ecto Vial) just in case. You do not need to bring any food or Def pots as you will by praying Protect from Melee the entire time. With this setup I can generally kill 15-20 Steel/Iron Dragons on a trip. My fav 1 click tele is an Ardougne tablet as this puts me at the start of my trip.


As I just stated start out at Ardougne and inventory up at the SE bank. Go to the dock and use 30 coins to go across to Brimhaven. Go to the dungeon entrance and pay the 875 coins to enter. Walk down the stairs and go West accross the room cut the vines barring your way with your axe. Continue on your way to the dragons.

Time to fight

Now that you are just outside the dragons room drink a dose of the anti-fire, Super Str and Super Atk. Turn on Protect from Melee. Keep an eye on the messages Anti-fire shield and Anti-Fire Pot they come right after each other. If you only see the shield message drink your triple shot again. Watch your prayer level and dose as needed. You may take some minor damage when the anti-fire pot runs out. When you empty vials drop them to maximize your inventory. I have used this method for quite some time and get very good results.

This guide is for the Runescape Community and May be used freely by RSDemon, RSDraco and the RSDemon Community. If you want to use this on another site please ask for permission.

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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