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Runecrafting Guide V 2.3 by Jordon88

August 6, 2005


Runecrafting is one of the best ways to get rich. The reason Runecrafting is a good skill to master is because in time, it will save you millions of gp on runes. Additionally to it saving and making you money, Runecrafting is also good for the little competition you will get. Most people think Runecrafting is useless; they would much rather spend 500k+ a week on runes than spend about 2 hours making their own. So, if you will look at the Runescape high scores for Runecrafting, you will see that it is VERY easy to get into the 5-digits high scores. As of August 6, 2005, I have 63 Runecrafting and my rank in the high scores for Runecrafting is 2,556. You may think that is not a very good rank, but that is unprecedented compared to getting 2,556 in fletching or one of the other popular skills. At first, Runecrafting may seem boring, but in time, you will be making loads of gp a day.

How to Start

In order for you to start Runecrafting you must first complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. Although Rune Mysteries requires a fairly large bit of walking, the quest itself is very easy. Once you have completed Rune Mysteries, I suggest you obtain an Air Talisman or an Air Tiara (See Tiara Section). Also, get about 1k Rune Essence to start with.

You can either mine rune ess by talking to Aubury in Varrock or buying from other players for 20-40 gp ea. Once you obtain ess and an Air Tiara or Talisman, go to Falador. Go to the East Bank and take out your Air Talisman/Tiara and Rune Ess. Now go to the Air Alter (See Rune Temples Locations) and use your talisman with the mysterious ruins. If you�re wearing an Air Tiara, all you have to do is click on the mysterious ruins. Once you do that, you will be teleported inside the temple. Simple click on the Air Alter and you will make air runes out of your Rune Essence. To leave the ruins, simply click on the Portal and you will be teleported outside. Now, go back to the bank and repeat the process.

Rune Temples Locations

Here are locations of all existing Rune Temples. To see them on a map openWorld Map in RSDemon and activate the section with Utilities. Look up "RuneAltar".

Air Altar South West of Falador
Mind Altar North of Falador, in the mountains by the wilderness.
Fire Altar North of Al Kihard by the Duel Arena
Water Altar East of Lumbridge, in lumbridge swamp
Earth Altar North East of Varrock
Cosmic Altar In Zanris, at the end of the long tunnel
Chaos Altar Lvl 9 Wilderness, North West of Edgeville
Nature Altar Just north of Shilo Village
Law Altar Island of Entrana

People who can Teleport you to Rune Essence

There are only five people that I know of so far that can teleport you to Rune Essence. I know there are probably more than five, but these five are the only ones so far that I have managed to find. These people can teleport you to Rune Essence by you talking to them or Right-Clicking on them and selecting "Teleport".

NPC Location
Aubury Rune shop located in the south east corner of Varrock.
Wizard Sedridor Located in the basement of the Wizards Tower. The wizards tower is south of Draynor Village.
Gnome Mage In the north west corner of the gnome stronghold, there is a cavern. The Gnome mage is located just inside.
Wizard Distentor Magic Guild
Wizard Cromperty North Eastren corner of Ardounge


Tiaras are items that you use to enter a Rune Temple. To get a Tiara, buy aTiara mould from the crafting store and smelt a silver bar. Use the silver barwith a furnace and make a Tiara. You now have an un-enchanted Tiara. To Charge aTiara, get the talisman of the type of Tiara you want to make, and take thetalisman and the Tiara into a Rune alter. Let�s say you want an Air Tiara. Getan uncharged Tiara and an Air Talisman and go inside the Air Rune Temple. Useyour uncharged Tiara with the Air Alter and your Air Talisman will disappear andyou will make an Air Tiara. What is the significance of a Tiara you ask? Youwear the Tiara on your head and a Charged Tiara, like an Air Tiara, will let youenter that Runes Temple with a Talisman. All you need to do is click on theMysterious Ruins when the Tiara is on your head and you will go to the temple.

Making Runes

Ok. Its time to make our first batch of Runes. So, we begin our littleexcursion at the East bank of Falador. Put all your items in the bank and takeout 1 Air Talisman and 27 Rune Essences. From the bank, head south until youreach the southern side of Falador. From there, head south just a little moreuntil you are about halfway between where the road splits farther to the southand Falador begins to the north. Now, walk directly west. You will seeMysterious Ruins with a lot of old pillars and such surrounding it. Use your Airtalisman with the Mysterious Ruins and you will be teleported away to a smallplateau surrounded by trees. In the center of the plateau, there is an Air Altersurrounded by pillars. Simply click on the Air Alter and you will make AirRunes. To exit the plateau, simply click on the glowing portal and you will beteleported back outside the Mysterious Ruins south of Falador. Simply head backto the bank and begin the procedure all over again to make more air runes.

Multiple Runes Chart

(Special thanks to Avador)

�X� TIMES Air Mind Water Earth Fire Body Cosmic Chaos Nature Law
1 1 2 5 9 14 20 27 35 44 54
2 11 14 19 26 35 46 59 74 91 -
3 22 28 38 52 70 92 - - - -
4 33 42 57 78 - - - - - -
5 44 56 76 - - - - - - -
6 55 70 95 - - - - - - -
7 66 84 - - - - - - - -
8 77 - - - - - - - - -

Tiara Chart

Picture Tiara

Talisman Chart

Picture Talisman Type Obtained from
Air Goblin; Rune Mysteries
Mind Wizards; Imps
Water Dark Wizards; Wizards
Earth Men; Al Kharid Warriors; Farmers
Fire Skeletons; Guards; Dark Wizards
Body Giants; Guards
Cosmic Lesser Demons; Ice Giants
Chaos Giants; Chaos Dwarfs; Lesser Demons
Nature Moss Giants; Lesser Demons; Paladins
Law Reward from Troll Stronghold Quest

Combination Runes

Combination Runes are 2 runes that are binded into one. These runes can be binded into one by using a talisman of one rune on a temple of another rune. Below is a table listing what the runes are, how to make them, and what the combination is.

Req Level Picture Name Combination How to make
6   mist air and water Use Air Talisman on Water Alter or Visa Versa
10   dust air and earth Use Air Talisman on Earth Alter or Visa Versa
13   mud earth and water Use Earth Talisman on Water Alter or Visa Versa
15   smoke air and fire Use Air Talisman on Fire Alter or Visa Versa
19   steam water and fire Use Water Alter on Fire Alter or Visa Versa
23   lava earth and fire Use Earth Talisman on Fire Alter or Visa Versa

The Abyss

The abyss is a useful way to make runes. However, it can also be VERY dangerous (some of the monsters inside the abyss hit 16+). Once you go inszide, your prayer isz drained to "0" and you are automatically "skulled". You must first do the mini-quest by talking to the Zamorak Mage by the mouth of the river located north of Edgeville. The mini-quest is very simple. Once you finish it, you can right click on him and he will teleport you into the abyss. Now, you are on an outside "Ring". In the center, there is an inner ring. To get to the Inner ring, you must do one of the following:

  • chop the tendrils - needs a hatchet
  • mine the rocks - needs a pick axe
  • burn the boil - needs a tinder box
  • distract the eyes - requires a high agility level
  • squeeze through the gap also requires a high agility level

Once you get to the inner ring, you may now click on any of the portals to be teleported to that alter. However, there is no way to get back. I recommend a glory amulet to get back to Edgeville.

Runecrafting Strategy

In Runecrafting, there are many different strategies you can do to get Xpas well as get rich. Below I have listed these strategies:

  1. Free Runes - Offering to give Free Runes to people who are willing to supplythe essence is the best way to make runes. All you have to do is stay at theAlter and let them bring you THEIR essence and you craft it into Runes and thengive it back. People do this because they do not have the level to make thatrune of they cannot duplicate it enough to make a lot of money.
  2. Workers - Workers would be the best way to Runecraft if everybody was honest. However, as you know, there are always those little lvl 5 noobs with the wooden shield and bronze dagger that want to spoil the game for everybody. I remember one time I trade a guy 1k essence and he tried to run with it but he got killed by a random event so I got my Essence back plus about 60k cash. But if you do by chance come across a honest worker, give him/her some ess and tell him/her to carry the essence to the bank and then bring unnoted essence back to the alter to trade you. If you repeat this procedure over and over again with multiple workers, you will have a continuous line of productivity. You can pay them in cash, but most workers prefer to be paid in Runes.
  3. General Stores - this is a very good way to make Runes. However, it will sot quite a bit of gp. Also, there must be a general store in the vicinity of your Altar. Get Rune Essence and then put them into notes. Once you do that, withdraw A LOT of money. Now, with your noted essence, your money, and a Talisman or Tiara, go to the place where you wish to craft runes. Go to the general store and sell about 25 Rune Essence. Buy them back and they will be unnoted. That is why you need money. The General Store sells the Essence for more than they buy it for. Now go to the altar and make the runes and then repeat the procedure all over again.



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