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Special Attacks Guide

By Eambo and JeM clan 2006


  1. What is a Special?
  2. List of Items and Specials
  3. Why use specials?

What is a Special?

Some items in Runescape have so called "special attacks". Those special attacks (specials) have very different effects. They may increase stats, they may increase accuracy or damage. But they are all good. Below you will find a list of every item (to date) and their special list.

List of Items and Specials

Weapon Effect Name Effect
Abyssal Whip Energy Drain A more accurate attack, and transfers 10% of opponents run to you.
Darklight Weaken Lowers opponents attack, defense and strength by 5%.
10% on Demons.
Dragon Axe Clobber Dazes opponent, reducing their defense and magic
Dragon Battle Axe Rampage Lowers your attack, ranged, defense, and magic, and increases your strength.
Dragon Dagger Puncture Two quick attacks on your opponent. Slight increase on accuracy and damage
Dragon Halberd Sweep Strikes two squares around you. For larger monsters, hits twice.
Dragon Long Cleave Stronger than normal attack. Hits harder.
Dragon Mace Shatter Reduced accuracy, stronger attack. More damage when hits.
Granite Maul Quick Smash Takes an instant strike at opponent, when used. No added effects but speed.
Dragon Scimitar Sever Normal attack with more accuracy. Stops opponent using protection prayers for 5 seconds.
Dragon Spear Shove An attack that does no damage, but pushes your opponent 1 square away from you and stuns.
Dragon 2 Hander Power Stab Attacks an area around you, damaging all nearby enemies.
Excalibur Sanctuary Increases defense.
Magic Longbow Power Shot Increases chance to hit, guarantees more than 0.
Magic Short bow Snap Shot Shoots two arrows at once, with reduced accuracy
Rod of Ivandis Retainer When vampire is at half health or lower, using this special will suspend them in mid air, allowed you to use Guthix Balance potion on them.
Rune Claws Impale Slower attack, but more accurate and hits harder.
Rune Throwing Axe Chain Hit Bounces off one opponent onto others, if in a multi-combat area.
Seercull Soul Shot Reduces opponents magic by the amount you hit.

Why use specials?

Specials can come in very handy in many different situations. For example, in wilderness, Dragon spear could be your means of escape. If you need to hit hard, Dragon battle axe will help you. Getting murdered by a mage? Seercull will put a stop to that. It all depends on your situation, but not only are these weapons good for normal fighting, the specials are simply an added effect.

� Eambo and JeM clan 2006

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community

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