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The Abyss guide by Feretus005

Author: Feretus005
Corrections by Mugol


Note: This is not a quest. It's more like a mission, giving you access to a better way of Runecrafting.

Difficulty level: Easy. Members Only

Skills Needed: None

Reward: 1000 xp in rune crafting. An abyss research book and a small essence pouch.

Items Needed: None

Quests Needed: Rune mysteries

Recommended stuff: Varrock and Ardougne teleports are extremely useful

Starting location: Just North of Edgeville (level 7-9 Wilderness.) Talk to the Zamorak Mage.


1. After speaking to the mage he tells you to talk to him in Varrock chaos temple.

2. Meet him there and he will eventually tell you he needs you to teleport from three different places to the rune essence mine to charge a scrying orb he gives you.

There are many places to teleport from. Here are four:

  1. Aubury (the magic shop in Varrock)
  2. Seridor (basement in Wizards Tower)
  3. Wizard Cromperty (North east Ardougne)
  4. Wizard Distentor (Magic Guild)

Just Teleport from these places 3 times. They have to be different. You don't need to mine any essence. After you have teleported 3 times the scrying orb should be a greenish color. just simply go back to the mage in Varrock, to receive your reward.

The Abyss

You must speak to the Zamorak mage in Varrock and ask him about the abyss before being allowed access to the abyss. Then go to Edgeville Zamorak Mage (level 7-9 Wilderness). Right-click on him and select Teleport on the menu.

When you arrive in the abyss you will be skulled and your prayer will drain to zero.


There are three types of monsters in the abyss:

Note: The abyss is a multi combat zone so you can be ganged up on by the monsters.

Abyssal Leeches - Level 41

Fast and Aggressive.

Abyssal Guardians - Level 59

Strong and Aggressive

Abyssal Walkers - Level 81

These are the strongest. EXTREMELY STRONG and aggressive, and when you have 5 of those on you its hard to survive.

All the monsters drop all the talismans (except law,) rune essence and pouches.


Pouches carry rune essence more efficiently - save you inventory slots.

  • Small Pouches hold up to 3 Rune Essence.
  • Medium Pouches hold up to 6 Rune Essence and require 25 Runecrafting.
  • Large Pouches hold up to 9 Rune Essence and require 50 Runecrafting.
  • Giant Pouches hold up to 12 Rune Essence and require 75 Runecrafting.

Unfortunately you can only carry one of each pouches at a time. After some use pouches can get damaged, go to Dark Mage to repair them.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle offers immediate access to all existing Rune Essence Altars. To get to the Inner Circle do one of the following:

  • chop the tendrils. (needs a hatchet),
  • mine the rocks. (needs a pick axe),
  • burn the boil (needs a tinder box),
  • distract the eyes (requires a high agility lvl), or
  • squeeze through the gap. (also requires a high agility lvl)

Dark Mage

Further in the inner circle there is a levitating Dark mage. He gives you another abyss research book if you lost the old one. And also  repairs corrupted pouches.

Get me out of here!

To get out of the abyss you can do either:

  • teleport, or
  • access the Inner Circle.

After accessing the inner circle you can teleport to any of the rune altars across RuneScape. Just walk through the relevant portal.

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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