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Krazymonkey5's Ultimate Thieving Guide v 1.31

Last updated October 21, 2003
Approximate Completion: 87%

DISCLAIMER: This guide and all contents contained within arecopyright RuneScape player Krazymonkey5 2003. You may use the guideanywhere you see fit, so long as I receive the credit for it. (Asimple "written by Krazymonkey5 is acceptable)

Tha Hanzz - For submitting a few errors and oversights.
Awong - For submitting a very nice list of many doors andthe levels to open them. I'll get the experience, don't worry aboutit.
isim / Century0 - For sumbitting values for the Hemensterchest I don't care t do the quest in order to access. Also, thanksto Century0 For a huge tip regarding Paladins (Again, due to aquest I am too lazy to do.)
heelflip - For sumbitting and verifying many experiencevalues and levels for doors.

And of course, everyone who helped with the initial guide before itwas lost.

Table of Contents:

1 - Introduction to Thieving
2 - Pickpocketing
2a - Guide to pickpocketing
2b - List of thievable NPCs
3 - Looting stalls
3a - Guide to looting stalls
3b - List of thievable stalls
4 - Thieving Chests
4a - Guide to thieving chests
4b - List of thievable chests
5 - Picking locks on Doors
5a - Guide to picking locks
5b - List of Doors
6 - Maps (coming in a later edition)
7 - Getting fast Thieving Experience
8 - Getting fast Money
9 - Miscellaneous Information
10 - Things I need to add, comments, etc.

Author's note/disclaimer: All experience and level values with a? after them are either not fully confirmed, or I am unsure of.Conformation of/disproving these values will get you a mention inthe Credits and will make my guide that much better. Thanks inadvance.


I - Introduction to Thieving

So, you've just gotten members, and you aren't sure about what totry next, huh? You see plenty of new quests, new skills, new landsto explore... what should you try first? I recommend you trythieving, one of the most profitable and useful skills in all ofRuneScape. You may even become addicted to the skill's usefulness -I was, and now I am (as of the time I wrote this) a level 95 thief.I will be 99 someday... but that's besides the point.

There are 4 major thieving skills:

1 - Pickpocketing. This is the act of walking up to certain NPCsand selecting to "Pickpocket" them. If successful, you will gainsome item and some experience. If not, you will be attacked by theNPC.
2 - Chests. There are chests scattered throughout the RuneScapeworld. If you can disarm the trap on them, you will gain experienceand an item. Different chests require different levels.
3 - Stalls. There are many stalls in the town of Ardougne, whichcould be called the thieving capital of RuneScape. To thieve from astall, walk up to one of the derivable stalls in the Ardougne towncenter and select to thieve the item, if it is there. You mustavoid certain NPCs watching for potential thieves and also thekeepers of the stalls who don't wish that their goods bestolen.
4 - Doors. Certain doors in RuneScape require you to pick the lock.If you are not the required level for a door, you cannot pick thelock. Some doors require lockpicks, but this I will explainlater.

Thieving is a great skill not just for the money, but also for theitems, too. You can gain items useful in many skills, includingcombat (When you are attacked by the NPCs in pickpocketing), magic,crafting, cooking, smithing... the list goes on.

To begin, at level 1, you have very limited options. You reallycannot do much ... but to begin your thieving career, pickpocketthe NPC "Man". Thus, it makes sense that the first skill I willdescribe is pickpocketing NPCs.

II - The Art of Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is, in my mind, one of the best experience getters inall of RuneScape. Although it isn't really very good money untilyou reach level 70, The experience you get from it far outweighsit. In fact, to start, at level 1, the best way to gain experienceis by pickpocketing the Man.

To pickpocket a character, select "pickpocket" from the menu on thescreen. You will need to 2 click this option: one clicking themonster will cause you to attack it or talk to it. When you selectthis option, your character will walk up to the NPC and try topickpocket it. One of two things will happen:

1 - You will successfully pickpocket the monster, gaining an itemand some experience in the process, or
2 - You will be caught, and the NPC will attack you.

IIa - How to Pickpocket like a Pro

To start - Let me explain that if you are the exact level requiredto thieve an NPC, you will be caught. A lot. Many players getdiscouraged at this and give up. This happens a lot on guards,where people will hit exactly level 40 and give up because they arecaught a lot. DON'T. You will still be getting faster experiencethan with other thieving methods.

To prevent yourself from getting caught... for some odd reason,I've noticed that if you stand on the same square as the NPC youare thieving, you seem to be caught more frequently. Unfortunately,this is where the game likes to place your character. If you thieveonce, and back off a bit, and thieve again, the game will not placeyou on top of the NPC. Or, if there are more than one NPC tothieve... alternate between them.

Also, it is important to have a certain "routine" - for some of thehigher leveled NPCs tend to hit rather high amounts and requirefood and armor. If you have a banking routine, you can be a bitmore efficient in your thieving. If the NPC is far from a bank(Like the Paladin, for example) - you may need to make a "bank run"- so don't forget to fill your inventory with food.

And one last thing. Fight Defensive. A good thieving character isthe exact opposite of a good fighting character - High Defense, lowstrength. Also remember to take off your weapon if you don't wantto kill the NPC...

IIb - A Gallery of Thievable NPCs

Rubric for information:

(Thieving level required): (Object name) (Combat level forNPCs)
Location: where you can find them
Recommended Location: Where I recommend you thieve an NPC
Items Obtained: Possible items you can gain.
Experience Obtained: The Experience you gain per pick. To determinefatigue - Take the (experience per pick)/46.5 - that is the percentfatigue you'll get.
Money Rating: out of 10, how rich you can get from the object.
Experience Rating: out of 10, how fast you gain experience.

Level 1: Man (level 9)
Location: Just about everywhere
Recommended Spot: In Ghost Town, there are a lot of men in abuilding, but there is usually someone training combat there. Tryin Lumbridge or Falador.
Items obtained: 3 gp
Experience Obtained: 8
Money Rating: *
Experience Rating: *

Level 10: Farmer (level 15)
Location: Scattered along the roads of RuneScape
Recommended Spot: There is a farm near Ardougne where there are acouple farmers. I don't really recommend farmers, though.
Items Obtained: 9 gp
Experience Obtained: 14.5
Money Rating: **
Experience Rating: **

Level 25: Warrior (level 18)
Location: Found in mainly in Ardougne and Al Kharid
Recommended Spot: The castle in Al Kharid is a great spot tothieve.
Items Obtained: 18 gp
Experience Obtained: 26
Money Rating: **
Experience Rating: *****

Level 32 : Rogue (level 21)
Location: Deep in the Members Wilderness
Recommended Spot: There is a hut in the northeast corner of thewild. Watch for the PKers though...
Items Obtained: One of the following: 25, 30, or 40 gp, Wine, 8 AirRunes, Poisoned Iron Dagger, Lockpick
Experience Obtained: 35.5
Money Rating: ***
Experience Rating: ******

Level 40: Guard (level 28)
Location: In most every major town in RuneScape
Recommended Spot: The south gate of Varrock is good for low-leveledplayers... The other gates are also good if there is no onetraining there. There are also spots in Edgeville and the lowerfloor of the Varrock Palace (Thanks to Tha Hanzz)
Items Obtained: 30 gp
Experience Obtained: 46.5
Money Rating: ***
Experience Rating: ********

Level 55: Knight (level 56)
Location: Ardougne is I think the only location.
Recommended Spot: In the Paladin's castle courtyard, there are acouple Knights to thieve. I don't really like Knights though.
Items Obtained: 50 gp
Experience Obtained: 84.25
Money Rating: ***
Experience Rating: *****

Level 65: Yanille Watchmen (level 33)
Location: In a small building just outside of Yanille. It is hardto find, and requires level 30 (?) agility to enter. It is used inthe Watchtower Quest.
Recommended Location: There's only the one spot.
Items Obtained: 60 gp, bread
Experience Obtained: 137.5
Money Rating: ****
Experience Rating: **********

Level 70: Paladin (level 71)
Location: In a few places in Ardougne
Recommended Location: In the second floor of the Paladin's Castle,there is a room with 4 Paladin spawns. If you want to see all thehigh leveled thieves in RuneScape (including me), this is where youneed to go. If you've done the Underground Pass quest, theUnderground Pass is a great place to thieve a few Paladins. Thereis hardly anyone here. (Thanks to Century0 for thishint)
Items Obtained: 80 gp and 1 Chaos rune
Experience Obtained: 151.75
Money Rating: **********
Experience Rating: *********

Level 75: Gnomes (level 3 or 9)
Location: Gnome Stronghold
Recommended Location: Don't bother with Gnomes. Trust me.
Items Obtained: One of the following: 300 gp, Swamp Toad, KingWorm, gold nugget, fire orb, 1 Earth Rune
Experience Obtained: 198.25
Money Rating: **
Experience Rating: *****

Level 80: Hero (level 83)
Location: In Ardougne Market
Recommended Location: There is only one spawn in all ofRuneScape.
Items Obtained: One of the following (deep breath): 200 or 300 gp,fire orb, wine, 2 death runes, 1 blood rune, gold nugget, cutdiamond (!)
Experience Obtained: 273.5
Money Rating: ******
Experience Rating: *******

III - Thieving From Stalls

Stalls are another way to gain items from thieving. However, withthe exception of the cake stall at early levels, stalls areterrible, terrible experience. The cake stall is the worst: I thinkyou can gain maybe 300 experience an hour there. If you wantexperience, pickpocket. If you need items... stalls are not a badidea.

In the town of Ardougne (The thieving capital of the world, mindyou), there is a market area (you can't miss it) with many stalls.These stalls have many things to loot - from simple cakes to gems.Some of these things are more useful than others. To steal from astall, walk next to the stall you wish to steal from and select"Steal from (stall)" on the menu. If there is an item there (withthe other players trying to steal the item, there may not be), yourcharacter will try to thieve it. If you are not caught, you willgain an item and some experience. If either the stall owner or aguard catches you, you will be either scolded if the owner catchesyou, or attacked if a guard catches you. Be careful.

IIIa - How to Successfully Put a Stall Owner out ofBusiness

Now, if you may have noticed, there are two things that may preventyou from getting the item in the stall - the other players and theguards and stall owners. The latter is rather easy to avoid, if youknow how... the former requires a bit more cunning, so I'll startthere.

First of all, each stall has a certain "spawn rate" - the lowerlevel the stall, the faster the spawn. Many of the better thievingplayers have learned these times, and will get the items better.Level has nothing to do with how well you thieve... timing is thekey to getting the item before everyone else. Trust me, LEARN THESPAWN RATES! This is really the only way to beat the other players.If there is a player who is just too good for you, admit defeat andswitch servers.

As for the other factor preventing you from getting the items,watch the NPCs carefully. To start, there are 4 NPCs that willattack if they catch you thieving: Guards, Knights, Paladins, andthat lone Hero. The higher level NPCs will only attack on higherlevel stalls, as shown here:

Guards attack on every stall.
Knights won't attack until the Silk stall, or any higher leveledstall.
Paladins will not attack until the Silver stall or higher.
The Hero will only attack on the Spices and Gems.

Thus, if you are thieving cakes, don't worry about the Hero. Watchthe guards. As for the stall owners, make sure you follow my guideto thieving stalls list to see where the best spot to stand is toavoid the owner.

Plus... If you try to thieve from a stall - whether or not you aresuccessful, the stall owner will not sell you anything, insteadcalling a guard. This doesn't include the cake stall - only theother stalls. If you do not thieve from the stall for a time -about a week I believe, you will be able to buy from the stallagain... or sell what you've stolen...

IIIb - A List of Stalls

Rubric for information:

(Level required): Item to thieve
Recommended standing spot: Where to stand in order to avoid gettingcaught.
Item Gained: What you get it you steal successfully.
Experience Gained: Self Explanatory.
Money Rating: out of 10, how worthwhile a stall is.

(Note, except the cake stall, the experience ratings for all stallsare rubbish.)

Level 5: Cakes Stall
Standing Spot: Between the stall and the building next to thestall.
Item Gained: Cake
Experience Gained: 16
Money Rating: **

Level 20: Silk Stall
Standing Spot: Between the Mansion and the Stall
Item Gained: Silk (Duh!)
Experience Gained: 24
Money Rating: ***

Level 35: Fur Stall
Standing Spot: Between the Gate and the Stall
Item Gained: White Wolf Fur. Sell to Baraek in Varrock for 120 gpper.
Experience Gained: 36
Money Rating: ****

Level 50: Silver Stall
Standing Spot: Between the Gate and the Stall
Item Gained: One Silver ore.
Experience Gained: 54
Money Rating: *** - Mine yoursilver instead.

Level 65: Spice Stall
Standing Spot: Just about anywhere. It's hard to get caughthere.
Item Gained: Spice. Use it to make curry. That is more a cookingthing though.
Experience Gained: 81
Money Rating: ***

level 75: Gems Stall
Standing Spot: Between the Plate mail top store and the Stall
Item Gained: One random uncut gem. 80-90% of the time, it is asapphire, and I've yet to get a diamond in over 200 attempts. Whata rip... You're more likely to get diamonds from the Hero.
Experience Gained: 16. Yes, only 16. It's a typo, I presume...
Money Rating: **

IV: Looting Chests

The third type of thieving in RuneScape is looting a chest. To loota chest, Select Search for traps on the drop down menu.DO NOT SELECT OPEN!! This will cause you to take damage froma trap. If you are a high enough level, and there is an item in thechest... (There usually isn't) - You will loot the chest, gainingsome item and some experience. If there is no item, you will get amessage saying so.

Chests are very good for getting certain rare items, such as naturerunes, blood runes, even raw sharks. The experience is also notvery good for the time you spend. The main reason for the chest isto, indeed, get the rare items.

IVa - Yarrrrrr! I found the Treasure!!

Although it may not seem that difficult ... the science behindthieving chests is a lot more complicated than you think. The mainreason for this is because there are oftentimes other players(sometimes 2 or 3) trying to get the exact same item as you. Thereis only one solution: LEARN THE SPAWN TIMES!! (Soundfamiliar?) For example... the nature rune chest. This is possiblythe single most popular chest in all of RuneScape. At as low alevel as 28, thieves can gain a lot of money. The secret here isthat the spawn time is about 12 seconds. The more players on aserver, the faster the spawn rate, but the average is about 12seconds.

There is not a whole lot more to it. Beating the other players isthe sole difficulty in thieving chests. If you beat them enough,you MAY chase them away, giving you an even easier time on thechests. Again, if there is someone good there (like me... :) Seriously, I've chased off many a player) - admitdefeat and swap servers. I guess it really isn't that complicated.Bah.

IVb - List of Chests

Rubric for Information:

(Level of chest)
Location: Need I explain?
Items Obtained: Errrrr, see above.
Experience Obtained: :-)
Money Rating: Out of 10, how much blingage you can obtain fromlooting the chest

(Again, no Exp. rating.)

Level 1 Chest:
Location: Ardougne, Members Wilderness
Items Obtained: 10 gp
Experience Obtained: 7.5
Money Rating: *

Level 28 Chest:
Location: Ardougne, Member's Wilderness
Items Obtained: 3 gp, 1 Nature Rune
Experience Obtained: 25
Money Rating: *********

Level 43 Chest:
Location: Ardougne, Member's Wilderness
Items Obtained: 50 gp
Experience Obtained: 125
Money Rating: **

Level 59 Chest:
Location: Chaos Tower, just north of the Paladin's Castle
Items Obtained: 2 Blood Runes, 500 gp
Experience Obtained: 250
Money Rating: *****
Note: This chest will teleport you outside of the tower, plus, itis guarded by aggressive level 58 Ogres.

Level 72 Chest:
Location: Paladin's Tower, 3rd floor
Items Obtained: 1,000 gp, adamantite ore, raw shark, uncutsapphire
Experience Obtained: 500
Money Rating: ******
Note: This chest will teleport you outside of Ardougne. It is agood way to go to the bank after you run out of food thievingPaladins...

Hemenster Chest: (Level 45-46?)
Location: Near the Fishing Contest Quest
Items Obtained: 5 steel arrowheads, Some quantity of gp (20?)
Experience Obtained: 137.5-150 (?)
Money Rating: ***

V - Picking Doors

There is a fourth way to gain experience in thieving - picking opendoors. Now, doors give a very limited amount of experience, plus,there are no items to be had. The main purpose of picking a door isto access areas inaccessible by players with inadequate thievinglevels.

To pick a door, merely select "Pick Lock" from the menu. If you area high enough level, your character will attempt to pick the lock.If successful, you will enter the door. If not, you will have totry again. There will be a message if you are too low to pick adoor.

Va - Stating the Obvious... Kind of

There's not much to picking doors. Either you are successful or youaren't. Some doors require a lockpick to open, though. There willbe a message if you try to open one without this item. They can beobtained by pickpocketing Rogues... or on a spawn pile in Yanillethat requires 57 agility or 83 thieving to get to.

Oh yes - The door on the second floor of the Paladin's castle islevel 61. You don't know how often I get asked that. Youreally don't. And it attacks you if you fail to open it, too.

Vb - List of doors

1 Story House: level 1
Experience: 7.5

Doors to all two story houses in Ardougne: level 16
Experience: 15

Door (Handelmort Mansion in Ardougne): level 21
Experience: 15

Mining Rocks Door (Ardougne Sewers): level 31-32 (?)
Experience: 25

Pirates Bar Door (Wilderness - requires a lockpick): level 39
Experience: ??? (25?)

Door (Blood Rune Chest - Chaos Druid's Tower): level 46
Experience: 37.5

Iban's Cave Jail Doors - level 50 (?)
Experience: 40 (?) - I haven't done this quest. I didn't even knowthis door existed...

Door (Paladin Building - WARNING: may attack you if you fail topick it): level 61
Experience: 50

Door (Yanille Agility Dungeon): level 84
Experience: 50

Thanks to Awong for all these values. Experience values would beappreciated, if anyone can find them...

VI - Thieving Maps!

Another list I don't have yet. I will put these up someday.These are pictures I will draw that show where everything in thisguide is. The Paladin's Castle I alluded to is just west of Ardougne.

VII - Gaining Fast Experience

First of all, at level 1, the best experience are with Men. Ofcourse, you only have 2 choices... but... Of those, it is thebetter. Now, you must pickpocket these Men until you hitlevel 5. Once you hit level 5, make the trek to Ardougne and go tothe cakes stall. This will be the best experience for you fromlevel 5 up until... about level 25, actually. Farmers are no betterexperience.

At level 25, you'll want to pickpocket Warriors. You may get caughta lot, but they are the best experience at the level. You will wantto thieve the warriors until level 40 if you want to level asquickly as possible - this part of the guide is for experiencegaining. If you want money, go to Chapter VIII.

Now, once you are at level 40, go to the integral part in yourthieving journey - guards. At level 40, guards are very fastlevels. In fact, if you want to go as fast as possible, you willthieve on guards until level 65 or 70! Knights, in my mind, catchyou too much to be faster experience than guards.

If you are level 30 or higher agility and can enter the room, headstraight for the Yanille Watchmen at level 65 thieving. This is, infact, the fastest experience in the game at any level. If you areintent on getting to level 99 as quickly as possible, this is whereyou will camp out until level 99! If not, then I recommend you getto level 70 for...

Paladins! If you weren't able to get to the Watchmen, train onguards until 70. If you head to the Paladin's castle, make sure youbring food. Paladins are almost as good experience as watchmen, butthey are the best money in thieving. Once you run out of food,merely run to the bank, deposit your runes, and go back with morefood.

This is about all you need to know for high experience. Gems areterrible experience, Heros are decent but not nearly as good asPaladins or Watchmen. Of course, once you hit 70 or 80 thieving,you will likely not care about thieving experience... you will beready to make big money! And that is what the next chapter is about- the best ways to make money via thieving.

VIII - How to Get Rich Quick by Thieving

Now, if you are like most players in RuneScape, you'll thieve onlyfor the money. I mean, seriously, training for experience isboring! If you really want money, like any skill, you have to getup to ridiculously high levels... right?


Nope! At as low a level as level 28, you can be rolling in moneyfrom thieving! Of course, before then... At level 20, you can stealsilk. If you steal the silk, and then wait until the dealer doesn'trecognize you as a thief, sell his wares back to him. I believe youcan get 60 gp a silk! That's not too shabby for level 20... Or, fora variation, buy silk in Al Kharid, sell in Ardougne. That's notreally thieving, though.

Back to level 28. At level 28, you might want to, if you reallywant to make fast money and you don't care about going quickly tothe top, make a good deal of money on the nature rune chest.Remember - learn the spawn times. There are a lot of thieves atlevel 28+ who need natures. But, if you are good at thievingnatures, you can (assuming you get every one) get 300 natures anhour. You can get over 500 per, and that is 150k an hour!!! Ofcourse... you won't get that many - I know it. Too many otherplayers. Let's press on.

At level 35... you can steal fur and sell it. This isn't nearly asprofitable as natures. Neither is almost everything up until level70... Although if you really want to, you can, at level 59... tryto get blood runes form the chest. When I was level 59 thieving,very few people were that high, and there weren't too many peoplecompeting for the chest. Now, there are many, many more playerswith 59+ thieving, and many, many more players who want the is VERY hard to get blood runes now.

So, at level 40, plug away as the guards until level 70 so you canthieve the Paladins. Paladins are the best money in all ofthieving!! At my level, I can get about 400 picks an hour, and Ican get 500 a rune... that's 200k an hour! That can be huge! Need Isay more? Or... you can use those chaos for your magic level. If Ididn't sell my runes, I could easily be level 85+ magic.

As for the other things... The gems stall, probably one of thereasons you embarked on a quest for high leveled thieving... is atotal flop, money wise. It is terrible - all the sapphires! AndHeros, as I said before, are better for diamonds! As for the heros,there are good for the rare items, like Death runes, diamonds,blood runes, or Fire Orbs... but they often attacked by "macho"40-50 combat players curios to see if they can kill the character.It becomes a mere novelty after a while.


Nature Chest - Great Money for a low level.
Guards - Good Experience
Watchmen - Amazing Experience
Paladins - Amazing Money, Great experience. Best thieving characterin RuneScape.
Gems Stall - Utter Waste of your Time.

IX - Miscellaneous

This section still has some work left. It is not complete rightnow.

There are a couple thieving bugs in the game. The first is a bugthat is illegal according toJagex. Do not try it unless you wish to get banned.Anyways, if you range a NPC to the limit of its range and thieveit, you will not be attacked. I don't know the rest, as I haven'ttried it. IT IS ILLEGAL.

There is also something that requires you to drink a cocktail untilyour attack and strength are both 0. This way, if an NPC attacksyou, you won't hit it, so it will not be killed. I hear thisdoesn't work anymore, any conformation would be nice.

As for thieving bonuses, there is one item in the game that I knowof that can give you a thieving bonus. It is called a "PoisonChalice", and you can get it at the coal mine near Ardougne (Theone with the coal cart). There is a man named "Stankers" there -select the option "Hello Mr. Stankers" and he will offer a PoisonChalice. This item has many effects; It might lower your hits, oryour combat... It might raise your combat stats too. Very rarely,it'll raise your thieving by 1 temporarily. So, if you are level 74and want to steal a gem, drink the chalices until you get thatlevel, and the thieve it before the level wears away.

X - Stuff I need to Add

To start, I am missing a lot of values and information. However,don't PM me about them for a couple days. You may comment on what Ihave now... but do not send information until I am finished puttingall the information I need in. Just the basic information onVersion 1.0 took over 3 hours to type! Once again, I apologize forthe incompleteness of this version of the guide.

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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