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Blipo's Guide on RuneScape Transportation

Submitted by George Alexander (blipo72)
November 2005

There are many ways to get around RuneScape. These are them:


Walking and Running

Look at the Player Controls interface on RuneScape. You will notice these features:

  • "Run & "Walk" buttons
    Clicking "Run" will make you move twice as fast as clicking "walk"
  • "Energy left:" percentile
    If you click "Run" and move, your "Energy left:" percentile will go down
    If you are standing still, or are moving when "Walk" is enabled, you will slowly regain energy
  • "Weight Carried:" amount in kilograms
    The more weight you are carrying, the faster your "Energy left:" percentile will go down

Also, the higher your agility*, the longer you can run before losing all your energy, and the faster your energy will go back up to 100%. For example, if you have level 1 agility, you will gain 1% of energy every 7 seconds, and if you are 99 agility, you will gain 1% of energy every 2.5 seconds.


  • The "Boots of Lightness" can be obtained from the Temple of Ikov quest*, and reduce your weight by 4 kilograms.*
  • "Strange Fruit" can be obtained from the random event "Strange Plant," and restore 30% of your energy
  • In Castle Wars, "Bandages" restore an unconfirmed amount of energy*
  • Energy Potions Restore your energy by 10%, and Super Energy Portions restore your energy by 20%*

* members only

Teleport Spells

Teleport to: Varrock

Req. magic level: 25
Runes Required: 1 law rune, 1 fire rune, 3 air runes
Teleport location: Varrock city square

Teleport to: Lumbridge

Req. magic level: 31
Runes Required: 1 law rune , 1 earth rune , 3 air runes
Teleport location: Just outside the Lumbridge Castle, inside the courtyard

Teleport to: Falador

Req. magic level: 37
Runes Required: 1 law rune , 1 water rune , 3 air runes
Teleport location: City center

Teleport to: Camelot*

Req. magic level: 45
Runes Required: 1 law rune , 5 air runes
Teleport location: Just outside Camelot and east of the Seers' Village

Teleport to: Ardougne*

Req. magic level: 51
Req. quest: Plague City*
Runes Required: 2 law runes , 2 water runes
Teleport location: In the center of the marketplace

Teleport to: Watchtower*

Req. magic level: 58
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 3 earth runes
Teleport location: The second floor of the Yanille Watchtower, just outside of Yanille

Teleport to: Trollheim*

Req. magic level: 61
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 2 fire runes
Teleport location: On top of the Trollheim mountain

*members only

Ancient Teleportation*

After doing the Desert Treasure quest*, you can do Ancient Magicks. You may the do these teleportation spells:

Teleport name: Paddewa*

Req. magic level: 54
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 1 fire rune, 1 air rune
Teleport location: Edgeville dungeon

Teleport name: Senntisten*

Req. magic level: 60
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 1 soul rune
Teleport location: Digsite examination center*

Teleport name: Kharyrll*

Req. magic level: 66
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 1 soul rune
Teleport location: Canifis Pub*

Teleport name: Lassar*

Req. magic level: 72
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 4 water runes
Teleport location: Ice Mountain*

Teleport name: Dareeyak*

Req. magic level: 78
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 3 fire runes, 2 air runes
Teleport location: Level 28 Wild

Teleport name: Carrallanger*

Req. magic level: 84
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 2 soul runes
Teleport location: level 19 Wild (the Graveyard)

Teleport name: Annakari*

Req. magic level: 90
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 1 blood rune
Teleport location: Level 47 Wild (the Demonic Ruins)

Teleport name: Ghorrock*

Req. magic level: 96
Runes Required: 2 law runes, 8 water runes
Teleport location: level 45 Wild (Ice Plateau)

*members only

Enchanted Lyre*

When you finish the Fremennik Trials quest*, you get an "Enchanted Lyre." To enchant it you must make an offering at the Fossegrimen altar, southeast of Rellekka. Offering a raw shark* provides you with two teleports, a sea turtle* gives you three, and a manta ray* gives you four.

*members only


After completing the Ghosts Ahoy! quest*, you recieve the Ectophial. Clicking it will cause you to empty it at your feet. You will then be teleported to the Ectofungus at Port Phasmatys*. It is recommended that you fill your Ectophial at the Ectofungus*, so that you can use it again.

*members only

Spirit Trees*

After you finish the Tree Gnome Village quest*, you can use "Spirit Trees." There is one main tree, at the Tree Gnome Village. You can teleport to this tree from any spirit tree.

There are also two secondary trees. One is in the forest north of Varrock. The other is at the Khazard Battlefield*, south of Ardougne*. From these trees, you may only teleport to the main tree in the Tree Gnome Village*.
Also, there is a Spirit Tree in the Gnome Stronghold*. Although you may only teleport to it from the Tree Gnome Village*, you may teleport from it to any spirit tree.

*members only

Gnome Gliders*

After finishing the Grand Tree quest*, you can fly with Gnome Air! Gnome Air is the gnomish air transport system. Free of charge, you can fly to these locations:

  • Ta Quir Priw (Grand Tree)*
  • Lemantolly Undri (Feldip Hills, requires One Small Favour quest*)*
  • Sindarpos (White Wolf Mountain)
  • Lemanto Andra (Digsite)*
  • Kar-Hewo (Al Kharid)
  • Gandius (Karamja)*

If you are doing or have completed the Monkey Madness quest*, you can talk to Daero* at Blurberry's Bar* in the Grand Tree*. He will take you to a secret glider hangar, from which you can fly to Crash Island*. From Crash Island*, you can take a boat trip to Ape Atoll*.

*members only


For 30gp/trip, you can travel by boat. The routes:

  • Karamja* <--> Ardougne*
  • Port Sarim <--> Karamja
  • Port Sarim <--> Entrana* (free, but you can't take any armour or weapons - Entrana* is a holy island)
  • Port Khazard* --> South of Port Sarim (free, not technically a ride, board the trawler*, and wait 2 minutes, you'll sink the boat, and you end up on land - deals 3 damage)
  • West of Shilo Village* --> Port Sarim, Port Khazard* (25gp if you buy a ticket beforehand, variably 36-60gp if you buy it from the captain)*

*members only


Amulet of Glory*

The Amulet of Glory has four charges. Once used up, it must be recharged at the Fountain of Heroes* in the Hero's Guild*. Rubbing it allows you to choose to teleport to these four places:

  • Edgeville
  • Karamja*
  • Draynor Village
  • Al Kharid

Games Room necklace*

The Games Room necklace* teleports you to the Burthorpe Games Room*, and has eight charges. Once all eight charges have been used, it is destroyed.

Ring of Duelling*

The Ring of Duelling* allows you to teleport to a) the Duel Arena* in Al Kharid, or b) Castle Wars*, and has eight charges. It is destroyed after all eight uses are up.

Ring of Life*

If you have the Ring of Life* equipped and your HP falls below 10% of its max you will be teleported to Lumbridge (or variably Falador, see last section on page). It is destroyed after use.

*members only


If you die (your hp runs out), you turn up in Lumbridge. Alternatively, you can do the Requitment Drive quest*, talk to Sir Tiffy*, and change the place where you respawn to Falador.


Magic Carpets, Dwarven Mine Carts, and many other forms are soon to come!

*members only

Credits: Tip.It


Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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