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An anagram is a word where letters of the original word are rearranged to make a new word.When you get an anagram clue you'll have to find a NPC whose name was rearrangedand talk to it.




A BAS Saba North-west of Burthorpe (north of the hero's guild) in the cave
AHA JAR Jaraah Dueling area hospital
ARC O LINE Caroline East of East Ardougne, start point of Sea Slug Quest
ARE COL Oracle Ice Mountain, next to Monastery and Dwarven Mine
BAIL TRIMS Brimstail In the gnome stronghold. Little east of bridge enter hollowed rock which leads to his cave
BAR BELL SEEK Kebab Seller Al-Kharid, just South of the bank
BY LOOK Bolkoy Tree Gnome Village, Gnome store owner
C ON GAME HOC Gnome Coach Tree Gnome Stronghold, usually North of the Gnome ball field
DT RUN B Brundt Rellekka, the Chieftain in the long hall
EEK ZERO OP Zookeeper Ardougne Zoo
ERR CURE IT Recruiter West Ardougne
EL OW Lowe Archery Store in Varrock
EVIL LEDGE N/A Edgeville
GOBLIN KERN King Bolren Gnome Maze (Tree Gnome Village), near the Spirit Tree
GOT A BOY Gabooty Tai Bwo Wannai village on Karamja Island
HALT US Luthas Karamja Banana Farm
ICY FE Fycie Chompy bird hunting quest start, one ogre kid is called Fycie (in the cave to the East)
LARK IN DOG King Roald Varrock Castle
ME IF Femi At the gate of Tree Gnome Stronghold
NOD MED Edmond North-west corner of East Ardougne
O BIRDZ A ZANY EN PC Cap'n Izzy No Beard Agility Arena entrance in Brimhaven
OK CO Cook Lumbridge castle kitchen, first floor
PEATY PERT Party Pete Seers Village, Party Hall

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community

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