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If you are lucky you'll get clues that tell to to search a crate, chest ordrawers. The only problem is to find the right one... Here are the locations ofmany known treasure-trail objects.

Note: some chests/drawers will be locked. In this case you'll get a riddlehinting how to open it - just look up the riddle in the Riddles section.



Boxes, Al Kharid, tents Al Kharid, the big tent to the East of the Silk Trader
Boxes, Barbarian Village Barbarian Village (West of Varrock), Helmet Shop.
Boxes, Burthorpe, tents Burthorpe, North-West most tent
Boxes, East Ardougne, Armor Shop South of the market, just next to the Spice stall
Boxes, Goblin House Goblin House North-East of Lumbridge
Boxes, shop in Taverley. Gaius' Two Handed Shop in Taverley
Boxes, Varrock, South entrance Diagonally placed house on the Western side
Chest, Al-Kharid palace The last of the three chests on the second floor of Al Kharid Palace
Chest, Camelot Castle Third floor in the Camelot Castle West tower
Chest, Duke of Lumbridge Second floor in Lumbridge Castle, Duke Horacio's room
Chest, Dwarven Mine West-most chest in a small room South of the pickaxe seller
Chest, East Falador, upstairs Northern one of the three houses with Ranges inside
Chest, Port Sarim Food shop in Port Sarim
Crate, Al Kharid, NW house Al Kharid, a house closets to the Gem Seller
Crate, Barbarian Village Helmet shop in Barbarian Village
Crate, Draynor Manor Draynor Manor, the third floor, a chest to the North.
Crate, East Ardougne West of the spices stall in Ardougne
Crate, East Ardougne, Shed Shed North of the North bank
Crate, East Ardougne, Store General store in East Ardougne, to the South of the church
Crate, East Ardougne, Guard House A house to the East of the Northern Gate
Crate, Falador, ground floor House East of East Bank in Falador
Crate, ground floor, church Crate next to the ladder in the church in Ardougne.
Crate, Hemenster North-west house in Hemenster
Crate, Horvik's Armory Horvik's Armory in Varrock (East Anvils)
Crate, Lumbridge Castle Southern tower, East of the Lumbridge Castle
Crate, Port Khazard, cart Behind the General Store, near the Southern dock
Crate, Port Sarim, Fishing shop Port Sarim Fishing shop, to the West of the docks
Crate, Seers' Village, ground floor A house between the church and the bar
Crate, the tower of a a church Church in East Ardougne, second floor
Crate, Varrock House South of the sword shop in Varrock
Crate, Varrock South-east of the Varrock Castle
Crate, Yanille The very first house in Yanille near the Northern wall
Drawers, Ardougne Market House North of the silver stall, *SECOND* floor (use the ladder)
Drawers, Burthorpe A house South-east of the house with an anvil
Drawers, Catherby, upstairs A house North of the bank
Drawers, Catherby's Archery Catherby's Archery Shop, ground floor
Drawers, Draynor Village North-most house in Draynor Village
Drawers, East Ardougne, upstairs Upstairs in the pub North of the Castle in East Ardougne
Drawers, Falador Upstairs shield shop in Falador
Drawers, Falador, Chain Mail The shop is to the South of the White Knights' Castle
Drawers, Falador, upstairs The Southern house of the three with Ranges inside
Drawers, Gertrude Drawers, Gertrude's bedroom West of Varrock
Drawers, Pirates, village House across from the bar in Brimhaven (Karamja)
Drawers, Rimmington The large house in the Eastern part of Rimmington
Drawers, Seers' Village Seers' Village, house with the spinning wheel
Drawers, Taverley Small house to the South of the herblore store
Drawers, Varrock, above shops Second floor in the clothes shop in Varrock
Drawers, Varrock, upstairs, Bank East Bank in Varrock, second floor
Drawers, Yanille, ground floor A house to the East of the Yanille bar

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community

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