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Some clues do not contain any text but only a mini-map. Your task is now to find out where that placeis. Compare your mini-map to the ones shown below, and dig or search a crate at the marked location.Note that in order to dig you need to bring a spade with you!

Mcgrubor's Wood, a crate to the South of the building

Behind the anvil house in S-E Yanille

West of the Necromancer's Tower, S-E of Ardougne

Building in West Rimmington

Wizards Tower South of Draynor Village

Draynor Village, South of the bank

Lumber Yard, N-E of Varrock

N-E of Falador, S-W of Barbarian Village

Varrock East Mine

Goblin village near the observatory

West Ardougne

Black Warriors Castle in Wilderness

South of the Ardougne Castle

West of Champions Guild (South of Varrock)

Sir Galahad's house, West of McGrubor's Wood

Hobgoblin peninsula, West of the Crafting Guild

Miscellania Island, Castle entrance

The path leading from Seers Village to Rellekka

Path between the Lighthouse and the Fremennik Province

West of the Battlefield, South of Ardougne.

Southern part of the path to Mort'ton

Lvl 50 Wilderness, between the Pirates' House and the Agility Training Area

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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