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Many clues simply say "Go talk to..." and just specify the name ofthe person. Here are most of of the NPCs you are likely to be referred to. 

Go talk to...

NPC location

Arhein General Store owner, near the ship in Catherby
Bartender, Varrock Blue Moon Inn, center of Varrock
Bartender, Port Sarim Rusty Anchor is the only bar in the Northern part of Port Sarim.
Black Heather Bandit Camp in Wilderness, North of Edgeville
Citric Seller Grand Tree, first floor, the gnome cocktail ingredients seller
Donovan Second floor, Sinclair Mansion (North-West of Camelot)
Doric North of Falador, at the house with anvils, East of the gate to members
Gaius Taverly, 2H swords store
General Bentnoze Goblin Village
Hajedy Brimhaven, at the Travel cart near the ship to Ardougne
Hans Lumbridge Castle, walking around the couryard
Hazelmere House on the Green Spiders Island East of Yanille (second floor)
Kangai Mau Inside the Shrimp and Parrot Pub (Brimhaven)
Kebab Seller Al-Kharid Kebab Store
Keeper of Melzars Oziach (rune plate seller) - West of Edgeville
King Bolren Tree Gnome Maze
Lowe Lowe's Archery Store, Varrock
Luthas Karamja Banana Plantation
Murphey Port Khazard
Monk Clock Tower, South of Ardougne
Ned Draynor Village, North of the bank
Oracle Ice Mountain, North of the Dwarf Mine
Party Pete Party Hall, Seers Village
Referee Gnome-Ball course, Gnome Stronghold
Roavar Canifis, inside the bar
Sailor in Port Sarim Captain Tobias in Port Sarim, east of the Fishing Shop
Sir Kay Outside of the Camelot Castle
Squire White Knights' Castle, in the center of Falador
Staff in Sinclair Mansion North of Seers' Village and Camelot, speak to the Maid (Louisa)
Tanner Tanner in Al-Kharid, North of the furnace
Ulizius Gates to Mort Myre
Zeke Al-Kharid, Scimitar shop
Zoo Keeper Ardougne Zoo

Source: RSDemon Online,RSDemon Community


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