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!!! WARNING !!!
DO NOT run RSDemon/RSDraco versions that haven't been downloaded using a link directly from this site. I guarantee these programs are safe in use - they do not spy on you and do not contain any hidden features. I can't guarantee however that some evil programmers will not release hacked versions that could contain content potentially harmful to your computer or your RuneScape account.


RSDemon 4.20 Beta

Latest version: RSDemon for RuneScape™ 2
Jun 10, 2007. Size: 4.2 MB
MD5 checksum: EBA9BE77C4D53153DC02C396D1B356E5

This version of RSDemon (4.20) is not fully compatible with Windows Vista. We are working on existing issues. For the time being you can:

  • Install the program to your user directory, or
  • Install the program to the default location and run it as Administrator (not recommended,) or
  • Wait a few weeks (probably the best solution.)

Older versions

Versions: RSDemon and RSDraco for RuneScape™ 2
Sep 04, 2006. Size: 4.2 MB
MD5 checksum: 5A39D598F5AF750E1097DFD459B01C22

Versions: RSDemon and RSDraco for RuneScape™ 2
July 24, 2006. Size: 3.9 MB
MD5 checksum: 559CCCC4AB2EBAEB60833E2B376AC685

Version: for RuneScape™ 2, June 01, 2006. Size: 3.8 MB
MD5 checksum: 5C68AC95B57288864B613CCFC3A847A7

Version: for RuneScape™ 2, March 12, 2006. Size: 3.5 MB
MD5 checksum: E60F3EAA1C90F27D69F1B3E93D88AE9D

Version for RuneScape™ 2, March 11, 2006. Size: 3.5 MB
MD5 checksum: B91C19505E3869478B4CCF48D104C28E

Version for RuneScape™ 2, February 03, 2006. Size: 3.66 MB


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