RSDemon's RuneScape Signatures FAQ


How do I create a signature for my RuneScape player?

It's really easy. In the minimal form just visit the Signatures Maker page, enter your player nick in the only field on the page and click [Submit]. Click here to go to the Signature Maker.

How can I use my signature on a forum?

After you've created your signature you were presented a link to your signature image, for example
Most forums today support BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) which allows to display images in your posts by surrounding your image link with [img] [/img] symbols. To have your cool image in the forum signature visit your forum's control panel, select the signature option and enter


Don't forget to replace the link portion with an actual link to YOUR signature image ;)

How do I update levels on my signature when I progress in the game?

You don't have to worry about updating your signature; we will be doing it for you once a day for a period of one month. If you really need to, you can manually update your signature at any time by simply entering your name in the Signature Maker, "Submitting" it, and selecting "Refresh stats" on the second page. Such manual refreshing gives your signature another month of hosting.

How can I renew my expired signature?

All created signatures are hosted on our server for a period of one month from the date of your last manual use of the Signature Maker.  After one month your signature would expire so remember to visit the Signatures Maker within a month to renew your signature subscription. To renew either click on the "Refresh stats" button or change anything in your signature design. This will show us you remember you have a signature on our system.

Can I have more than one signature?

Our system is capable of storing only one signature per one RuneScape player. But you can make signatures for all your players, providing you have more than one.

Can I send you my own signature?

Of course, you are more than welcome to add your signature to our pool. Note we have high quality requirements so we do not promise to include it. In case we accept your signature, we will also paint a small link to our site on it, of course preserving your name as the author.
No plagiarism will be tolerated!

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