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Version: 2.24. Please read Signatures FAQ before creating your first signature.

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To create a signature with your RuneScape stats enter your RuneScape name in the field above, click "Submit", and follow simple instructions. You can either use default settings for a selected signature, or select the "Design" mode allowing tweaking many parameters of the signature, like fonts, sizes or colors.

The new version 2.x changes the way nicknames with blanks are handled since several users reported they cannot use their signatures on some forums. In the new version all blanks are automatically replaced with underscore characters. Underscores do not appear on signatures, but are used in all other places, including the signature image name. Players with blanks in their nicks will have to update their links to have signatures auto-update. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it was necessary.

Do not generate signatures for RuneScape nicknames that do not belong to you. While it is OK to view such signatures, do not modify them. If you do so, you will be banned from using any of our services.

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